15-Year-Old Cat Asks Neighbor For Help After Being Abandoned

cat 15 years old asks neighbor looking for help

A sweet 15-year-old cat was able to find the help she needed from a neighbor after being abandoned by her owner.

A sweet 15-year-old cat was abandoned by her family on the streets of her neighborhood because she was too old. Fortunately, he contacted a neighbor to get the help he needed.

The older cat, named Trixie, was well known in the neighborhood, especially to her neighbor Denah who lives a block away. In addition, her dog Addie, a cat-loving German Shepherd, had a special attraction to her, as he has always been an admirer of the cat.

Denah told Love Meow:

Trixie was an indoor kitty that my dog ​​loved through a window for years.

15-year-old cat finds help

15-year-old cat Trixie

Denah was surprised to see Trixie wandering the neighborhood streets, so she picked her up and took her to her family. At dawn the next day, Denah was quietly walking her dog when Addie alerted her to something under a car.

Den said:

It was Trixie. I called her and she came over to me, even with Addie crying to be with her. I picked her up and she immediately started purring.

Addie cat lover

Unfortunately, the older cat had ended up on the street, unsupervised by her family or someone to care for her.

So Denah decided to take him to the garage of his house to provide him with shelter and also gave him food and plenty of water.

Trixie food

The poor cat was very hungry, but she seemed a bit stressed and uncomfortable, so she ran away after devouring all the food. Observing this behavior, Denah decided to contact the local Friends for Life Rescue Network shelter in Southern California for help.

The shelter was able to contact Trixie’s owner, who immediately agreed to sign the paperwork to release her into their care.

15 year old cat

Sabiendo la desafortunada decisión de la familia de la gatita, Denah la buscó, la recogió y la llevó al veterinarian para que le hicieran varios examinations, los cuales revealed que le faltaban dientes y no tenía garras, por lo que no podía valerse por sí misma in the streets.

Even though Trixie was very nervous at the vet, she was purring because Denah was by her side; she felt safe under his protection.

Trixie cat

Jacqueline DeAmor, co-founder of Friends for Life Rescue Network, said:

Trixie is a miracle that she was able to survive this long on the streets without teeth or claws. Without hesitation, I said we would take her to our rescue center and find her a loving forever home.

Denah could tell the cat wasn’t supporting one of her paws, so she wanted to take a closer look to see what the problem was. The cat had a wound probably caused by the bite of another animal.

angry Trixie

But thanks to the timely help of her neighbor, Trixie recovered quickly and efficiently and can finally rest peacefully.

Jaqueline said:

It broke my heart that she was forced to live on the streets. He deserves the world and I wanted to make sure he gets it.

After feasting on abundant food, Trixie lay down next to her savior and purred too much as if thanking him.

15 year old cat rescued

Soon after, she settled into her new room and it was obvious she was comfortable being a lovely indoor cat again.

Dena commented:

Trixie has been the sweetest, calmest, most caring thing that has ever been with me.

The adorable kitty officially turned 15 on October 21, celebrating alongside Denah and her loving family.

15 year old cat caresses

Trixie was very happy to receive her favorite food, to have a comfortable bed and to receive constant hugs; their happy purrs echoed throughout the room.

The senior cat may have a grumpy face all the time, but in reality his true personality is very gentle and affectionate.

lovable Trixie

Once Trixie is fully recovered and ready, she will seek out a wonderful home to spend her golden years surrounded by lots of love.

Images: Friends for Life Rescue Network


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