16-Year-Old Cat Lost Her Only Home And Is Now Happy To Be Loved Again

cat 16 years old lost happy home loved new

This sweet 16-year-old cat named Orion lost his home where he had lived for so many years and found refuge at the Kitty Adventure Rescue League, a cat sanctuary in Fort Worth, Texas (USA). The feline was shy and withdrawn due to so many changes he was going through and remained in hiding for just over a week.

Luckily, 18-year-old resident cat Britches was willing to offer Orion his friendship and some comfort; Accompanied by lots of purrs and patience, he slowly managed to pull the tabby cat out of its shell.

Karyn Poplin of Kitty Adventure Rescue League wrote on the rescue center’s Facebook account:

He’s lost his only home and he’s not sure about the news, but he likes to sneak around and snuggle up when you’re taking a nap. Welcome home, Orion. We’re glad to have you.

16-Year-Old Cat Lost His Home and Is Happy Again

16-year-old cat lost his only home

According to Love Meow, as soon as the lovely feline realized he was now in a loving home and it would be forever, he let out all of his sweet cat personality and all the love he had stored. started coming out for everyone. your pores.

16 year old cat is happy to be loved again

Orion was completely happy again and decided to do what he always does when he is happy and feels loved. He gave his humans little bumps with his head as a sign of love.

Kitten and his new feline brother

The feline is so grateful and overjoyed that he just wants to show his humans all the love he still has to offer.

This older kitten has shown that no matter what time in his life or how old he is, there is always plenty of love to give and that he deserves to have a home where he can be happy for the rest of his life.

16 year old cat

You can learn about the work carried out by the rescue center by visiting their Facebook account.

Images: Facebook / Kitty Adventure Rescue League & Sanctuary

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