A cat abandoned in a bag in front of a shelter. They got chills reading the attached letter

cat abandoned bag front shelter

At the entrance to a shelter for homeless animals, someone left a carrier with a cat in it. Next to the bag was a handwritten letter explaining the reason for abandoning the animal. It turned out that the cat was in critical condition and required immediate surgery. Otherwise, neither she nor her offspring have any chance of surviving.

Someone left a cat at an animal shelter. A letter was attached to the carrier

Volunteers at a shelter for homeless animals in Kaiserslautern, Germany, began their work by finding an unwanted animal. Someone left a carrier at the entrance to the establishment. A British Shorthair cat wrapped in a blanket watched them from inside the bag.

cat abandoned bag front shelter

When the activists took the animal inside the building and looked inside the bag, they realized that whoever decided to condemn their animal to the street had left an important message. After reading the note, the shelter employees realized that the situation was critical and that every moment of delay inevitably brought them closer to the animal’s death.

The kitten, placed in a transport cage, was immediately transported to a veterinary clinic. Only veterinarians were able to help him.

The cat had to be operated on. A kitten stuck in its birth canal

The contents of the letter left with the abandoned cat were as follows:

“Help ! She needs help! A kitten was stuck inside. She needs surgery! A kitten got stuck in her genital tract! Please help ! Her name is Betty.”

At the veterinary clinic, it turned out that the abandoned cat was giving birth, during which complications arose. Specialists quickly determined that Betty was unable to give birth naturally and therefore a cesarean section was necessary. The cat in labor was saved. Unfortunately, help arrived too late for the kitten.

cat abandoned bag front shelter

An animal is not a thing. He deserves emergency help just as much

There was a lot of outcry under the post about the story of the cat left at the shelter door. Some Internet users did not understand how an animal could be treated so objectively and blamed others. Others, in turn, pointed out that this type of behavior could result from the very high costs of veterinary services.

Before bringing a pet under your roof, it is worth remembering that the costs of keeping a dog, cat or other pet are not limited to the purchase of food or toys. In the event of health problems, it is the owner’s responsibility to provide their pet with professional veterinary care. If you know you can’t afford it, don’t take on such a responsible task.

Images: Tierheim Kaiserslautern

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