A Cat Came For Help After Years On The Streets And Has So Much Love To Give

cat appeared looking for help years in the streets

One day, a ginger cat entered the colony in search of food. Sia, an attentive stray cat sitter, began feeding him while watching his every move.

A few days later, the cat returned in a worrying state with an infected eye. Shortly after, his condition rapidly worsened to the point that he couldn’t open it at all.

In a desperate attempt to save the life of the cat, whom she named Leon, Sia decided it was her duty to save him. After setting a humanitarian trap, he managed to get Leon to safety. Melanie, a local animal rescuer, heard of her story and offered to help.

A cat appeared looking for help after years on the streets

cat appeared looking for help years in the streets

Very carefully, they took Leon to the vet for a thorough examination. Seemingly aware of her efforts and attentions, he remained calm throughout the visit.

cat appeared looking for help years in the streets

After the cat tested positive for FIV, he began a series of treatments, including treatment for an eye ulcer and stomach issues. Additionally, he was determined to have entropion, meaning his eyelids turned inward as an abnormality.

cat appeared looking for help years in the streets

Leon’s eyesight was severely affected by the disease, which caused immense corneal irritation and could have led to infections. Thanks to the support of Chatons Orphelins Montreal, surgery was performed which saved Leon’s life, not only did he recover, but he found a foster family where he was able to heal and receive care.

The rescue center shared with Love Meow:

“When it first arrived, we saw a small lion on it. Although she was positive for IVF, her recovery was good and she had a lovely new look.”

After battling the blues of street life, Leon was finally able to feel a sense of freedom, and his quirky personality became even more apparent. Morgana and Alvin, Leon’s adoptive parents, marveled at his enthusiasm for knowledge.

They say :

“He is very intelligent and curious about everything. He loves being the king of the house and follows his humans everywhere.”

cat appeared looking for help years in the streets

Leon had a passion for food and started learning different tricks with sweets. Quickly, he mastered commands like fetch toys, turn around, kick, and lay down at the behest of his humans.

To the astonishment of his adoptive parents, Leon, accustomed to life in the great outdoors for many years, showed himself to be exceptionally capable when presented with a bell at dinnertime. Demonstrate remarkable aptitude and enthusiasm for this new task.

Shortly after, Leon discovered that the ringing of the bell called his human to give him a delicious surprise. In the blink of an eye, he became an expert bell ringer.

Your host family has:

“He likes it when we throw a ball and he gives it back. Jumping and running like a baby sheep. He’s just a kitty at heart.”

cat appeared looking for help years in the streets

After a journey of exploration and healing, Leon finally came to be himself, with an indomitable spirit. Now, satisfied and eager to start the next chapter of his life, he found what he was looking for: the house of his dreams!

His adoptive parents say:

“He came with his great character and playful spirit. Leon is cuddly and clingy and has lots of love to give.”

cat appeared looking for help years in the streets

Leon’s appetite is insatiable and he maintains impressive physical health and a youthful spirit.

His VIF does not prevent him from doing anything: he continues to dazzle everyone with his ability to learn new tricks. When the kitchen cupboard doors open, their thunderous trotting is heard as they approach. Her energy and enthusiasm resonates throughout the apartment.

Images: Facebook/ Chatons Orphelins Montréal – COM – Réseau d’entraide, sauvetages, adoptions

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