Cat Showed Up On Neighbour’s Door After Original Family Moved Out And Left Him

cat approached door neighbor finds family

A charming Ragdoll cat was abandoned by his family when they moved in, so the poor feline wandered all the way to the end of the block and stopped by his neighbors in search of shelter and food . Debbie Harris, an adoptive volunteer from Virginia, USA, was contacted by her colleague who kept the cat safe.

Debbie’s coworker tried to take care of the cat who was really adorable and even befriended her dog, but since her husband was allergic to the feline, she wanted the cat to have the right home for him.

Debbie told Love Meow:

I picked up this big ball of white down and brought it home to bring it in. He’s a Ragdoll and he’s absolutely gorgeous.

The cat approached the neighbor’s door after being abandoned

cat approached door neighbor finds family

As soon as he got out of Debbie’s car, he felt right at home; He walked around and stopped at the food station, he certainly had a huge appetite. After visiting the vet, he was estimated to be around 2 to 3 years old and weighed 12 pounds.

He was treated for an upper respiratory infection and had a few strands of tangled hair removed, she behaved very well throughout the process.

cat approached door neighbor finds family

The sweet cat was found last February around Valentine’s Day, so it was named in honor of the famous saint and is now called Valentino. As soon as he was clean and groomed, Valentino moved about proud of his fur.

He was really happy to be an indoor cat again. Valentino was happy to rub the paws of his humans in gratitude for his new life.

cat approached door neighbor finds family

Debbie says:

It lives up to its name and Ragdoll’s reputation. He discovered toys, probably for the first time in a long time.

cat approached door neighbor finds family

Valentino quickly regained all his energy and was running like a little kitten, climbing the cat tree and running around the house.

Debbie said:

“He was out of lazy mode and had these short bursts of joy. He was enjoying his new pampered life.”

cat approached door neighbor finds family

Initially, Debbie’s idea was to host her and find the perfect home for Valentino, but it seems the cat had other plans.

The woman introduced Valentino to her resident cats Jojo and Lil Man. After the meeting phase, they got a little closer, but Jojo the calico insisted on being the one to make all the decisions.

Debbie said:

My family quickly fell under his spell.

cat approached door neighbor finds family

When the cats defined their roles in the household, Valentino became very close to Lil Man. For his part, Jojo only came to supervise every now and then like the boss cat he was.

Valentino has made his way into the heart of his new home and found the family of his dreams.

cat approached door neighbor finds family

Debbie added:

Valentino is one of my failed replacements. In animal rescue, that means I adopted him, fell in love and decided to adopt him on my own. struggling to understand how a family can sell their house, pack their things and leave their pets. Lucky for him, he found his way to me.

cat approached door neighbor finds family

Apparently, Valentino admitted that he found the family of his dreams as soon as he walked into Debbie’s house, and now he’s really happy and his new family loves him very much.

You can enjoy Valentino’s adventures and read more about Debbie’s work on her Instagram account.

Images: Instagram / fosterkittys

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