A Cat Asks People For Help After Living Outside For A Long Time

cat approaches people seeks help

While on her Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) mission in downtown New York, Meagan, part of Puppy Kitty NYCity Rescue Center, unexpectedly came across an incredibly cute feline.

Instantly drawn to his savior, the tabby rushed towards her as if begging for help. His frozen ears revealed that he had endured the winter cold; and looking disheveled, it was obvious she was hungry.

Without much effort, Meagan and her team managed to bring the feline home safely.

Megan told Love Meow:

“She has lived outdoors all her life and the shape of her ears was due to frostbite. She knew she was safe from the moment she was rescued and she was purring nonstop.”

A cat approaches people asking for help

cat approaches people seeks help

Sweetie, as the kitten was named, was filled with gratitude. Her purrs echoed through the room as she rolled onto her side to expose her soft fur and give thanks for shelter and food in her belly.

cat approaches people seeks help

As Sweetie’s little body filled out, her playful side began to surface and she couldn’t resist the temptation of cat toys. She would go crazy with a wand in her hand, rolling on her back and trying to grab her tempting ribbon or feather with her four paws. Her inner cat was finally coming back to life.

After spending a long time outdoors, Sweetie can now enjoy the comfort and safety of indoor life. When she was ready for adoption and starting her new life story, Meagan wanted an amazing family that would shower her with love forever.

Several weeks after being rescued, Sweetie’s dream came true: she moved into her new home with a perfect forever family before the holidays!

Megan said:

“Her adopter saw her picture and immediately fell in love. Sweetheart lived a tough life on the streets. We were able to get her off the streets and into a loving home.”

cat approaches people seeks help

Sweetie has finally found her forever home, and she’s living the fairytale life she was always promised. Enjoy all the privileges that come with being part of a loving family, like snuggling up in bed with Mom and enjoying every moment as if it were made just for her.

Images: Instagram / puppykittynycity

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