This Cat Asks To Be Transported In Its Box Every Night Before Going To Bed

cat asks transported box night

Selina is a lovely cat who was adopted by her family after being abandoned. The adorable feline has created a strong bond with her adoptive father, you could say that for her he is her favorite person and that they have an adorable routine together every night. This cat requires to be transported in its box at the end of the hall without fail before going to bed.

This spoiled feline and his dad love to do things together, their bond is very special, so one night after his dad returned from work, his adorable routine with the club was born.

While Selina was resting in a box, her father needed to move her, so in order not to make her cat uncomfortable, she pulled the box with her inside, and this action gave the cat charm. Divya Krishnan, a member of Selina’s family told The Dodo:

“He loves to wear it like a baby.”

This cat asks to be transported in its box before falling asleep

Cat and its human

Divya counts:

“I wanted to move the club one night while she was inside, then the next minute she was in the club having the best time of her life, so now she always has at least two boxes on the floor. top to carry.”

From that point on, Selina and her dad enjoy a playtime every night, she usually waits at the door for him to come home from work and usually follows him around while waiting for him to be ready to jump in the club and her father walking down the hall dragging her.

Divya says:

“It always happens at night, at the same time.”

The cat asks to be transported

When Selina notices that her father is delaying or seems to forget his playing time, she begins to meow until he understands her request. The cat loves her routine too much to neglect it, she knows her father loves her too much and likes to see her happy.


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