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The cat’s behavior in the absence of its owner saddened Internet users. Everything was recorded

A young cat was left alone at home for 30 minutes. After trying so hard to find her beloved caregiver, she decided to let her emotions run wild. The camera recorded everything. After watching the video, the owner promised that she would never leave her alone again.

Cats miss their owners, just like dogs

Dogs aren’t the only ones who feel discomfort when their owner suddenly disappears from their lives. The cause of separation anxiety in cats is the short-term or permanent loss of an object to which the animal is emotionally attached. This situation can arise during travel or changes in the caregiver’s work schedule, which disrupt the animal’s familiar routine. Even small things, like stopping playing together, limiting sleep with your pet, or ignoring them, can cause separation anxiety symptoms.

The owner of the adorable cat had to leave the house. She knew this urgent matter wouldn’t take her more than 30 minutes, so she wasn’t worried about the pet left in the apartment. What the cat did after he left broke his heart. She didn’t think that the animal attached to her would experience the separation so badly.

The cat showed what he can do in the video

The adorable cat moved in with her owner 3 months ago. Despite the short time, the creature became very attached to the woman. It almost constantly demands attention from its owner.

“She’s a little spoiled and lazy, but just as kind. He constantly demands my attention” – the woman says about her cat.

The caregiver decided to share an astonishing recording with Internet users. She had never seen such behavior from her cat before. The recorded video should be watched with sound.

Left my cat alone with a camera for 30 minutes and now I can never leave again
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For the cat, 30 minutes took forever

People commenting on the video, moved by the animal’s behavior, asked the woman to find a feline companion for her lonely cat. The owner’s response surprised everyone. There is a second purr in the house every day. However, she needed to see a vet and this was the first time she was home alone.

The owner also shared a brief comment about returning home after 30 minutes. The eager, meowing cat completely ignored him. She didn’t come to greet the caregiver as usual, but ran straight to her cat’s foster brother. The cats’ play and joy had no end. However, the woman must accept the fact that everything indicates that instead of missing her, she misses her purring companion.

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