She discovers that her cat had a best friend in the shelter and decides to adopt him too


A woman discovers that her cat had a best friend in the foster home where she was and decides to adopt him so that they are together again.

Dwight, a cat who was rescued from the streets of Mississippi and arrived in a temporary home while being taken to an animal shelter. When everything was ready, he was taken to a shelter in Kennebunk, Maine, to find him a home forever.

His new mother had thought of adopting a cat, as soon as he made the decision, he went to the shelter to get the indicated feline.

It was in a few minutes that Megan Marsh found Dwight, as soon as she saw him, she knew it was him, she fell in love with him completely.

Megan told The Dodo:

“Dwight is the sweetest cat I have ever found. I had never had a cat before him and I was worried about having a cat that was distant and doing its thing. Dwight is not that cat! From the first day, he loved hugs, kisses and hugs. He follows me into my apartment, he must be with me at all times and he sleeps with me every night. ”

Megan didn’t know much about her cat’s past life until one day the woman who hosted Dwight contacted her and gave her details.

She told her that while he was in charge of Dwight, he met another cat, “Conan”, they were inseparable and had become best friends.

They spent more than a year sharing a house, until it was time for Dwight to leave for Maine, Conan was not yet ready.

Now it was Conan’s turn to go to the same shelter, which is why the woman thought she should approach Megan to see if the friends could meet again.

Megan had many doubts about Conan’s possible adoption, but the more she thought, the more she felt she should do it, so she decided to do the formal adoption.

Before Conan’s transport, everything was ready to be adopted by Megan, Conan and Dwight would finally be brothers again.

Megan said:

“I live in an apartment and I wasn’t sure if I had enough space. After a little thought, it made sense: before being best friends, it would have been crazy not to bring them together!

Dwight cat abest friend shelter
Megan Marsh

When Conan arrived at his new home, he was very scared, all the sudden moves and changes had made him very confused and he didn’t know what to do.

Dwight cat abest friend shelter
Megan Marsh

But as soon as he met Dwight, he calmed down a bit and over the days, his brother helped him understand that he was at home.

Little by little, Conan got used to it and he gained confidence over time, his brother helped him throughout the process.

Dwight cat abest friend shelter
Megan Marsh

Megan said:

“Conan and Dwight remembered each other and were friends again. In fact, I got up in the middle of the night to find them both curled up in Dwight’s little bed. It was the cutest thing! Now they are inseparable. If one is close, the other is usually there too. Clearly it was the best decision!

Dwight cat abest friend shelter
Megan Marsh

The couple were separated for about seven months, but when they met, they became best friends and brothers again, as if nothing had changed.

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