The Cat Has The Best Morning Every Time His Friend The Postman Shows Up

cat better morning postman friend shows up

Every morning, a postman delivers the mail to a cat named Zeppelin, who comes to wait and enjoy his visits. The postman started making deliveries more fun for Zeppelin by cleverly placing items, and their friendship grew from there.

Now, every day when it’s time to get the mail, Zeppelin gets a huge boost of happiness thanks to the caring devotion of his good friend.

At first, Zeppelin was only happy to have a bit of interaction and a few new things to play with every day. But over time, he began to expect more and more visits from the nice postman.

The cat is happy when his postman friend comes home

cat better morning postman friend shows up

Marisa Jaffe, the feline’s mother, told The Dodo:

“Zeppelin is waiting by the window, and when he sees the postman coming down the street, he gets so excited and runs for the door! The best moment of his morning for sure!”

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There’s something about the postman’s cheerful demeanor and kind gestures that makes Zeppelin feel warm and happy inside. Something that of course also makes Marisa happy, who undoubtedly enjoys seeing the relationship that her cat and the postman have formed during this time.

cat better morning postman friend shows up

It has been very nice for this family to meet the postman over the past few months. Every day when he passes by the mischievous cat’s house, his mother says she enjoys watching him interact with Zeppelin. It’s clear he loves his job and takes pride in making everyone’s day a little bit wonderful, especially the adorable cat.

Finally Marisa says:

“I am very grateful for your friendship. And thanks to that, now I also have a friendship with the postman. “

Images: TikTok / marisajaffe

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