Cat Missing An Eye And Nostril Is Adopted After Enchanting Animal Lovers

cat born one eye eggbert finds forever home

Despite its difference, this cat from a complicated birth has a very affable and affectionate character. With a little help, the cat was able to have normal life routines and with health that surpasses any pet.

The human beings who have met him admit to being moved by seeing him. Once the rescue center volunteers found it, they understood what it means to live in the face of any negative situation.

Eggebert is the name of this cat who presented his life as quite an achievement, however, it would take an unexpected turn, which would change his routines and the way he interacted with other life forms. Although one of his eyes and a nostril are missing from his face, he is no less handsome for it.

In this story, the heroes find themselves in the FAHS, a refuge located in Ohio and responsible for the rescue of Eggebert. They immediately noticed that thanks to his personality, the cat would have no problem adapting.

cat born one eye eggbert finds forever home
Fairfield Area Humane Society

“He was born without eyes or nostrils, but other than snoring like a chainsaw, nothing slows him down one bit! He is very affectionate and gets along well with other cats, dogs and children” this legend appeared on the main social networks.

The images were placed in such a way as to capture the attention of a person who decided to adopt him. Rescuers informed potential adopters that Eggebert had occasional seizures.

After some time monitoring the behavior of the feline, it was possible to see that the seizure events were minimized after incorporating a drug into the treatment.

“His adopter must be ready and willing to administer medications and perform routine tests as recommended by your veterinarian,” a statement from the center reads.

cat born one eye eggbert finds forever home
Fairfield Area Humane Society

Eggebert is very handsome and has no complexes. Thanks to his way of being, the demands that the cat had to have for a new family increased.

For the FAHS, it was imperative to clearly inform about the state of the kitty. So they placed a caption that included all the necessary details.

The success of the adoption process led by FAHS was so great that we had to make a selection to find the ideal family.

The new family has another cat at home, and for Eggebert it was an opportunity to behave like a real brother. “Thank you for opening your home and your hearts to give this cat a chance,” said an emotional netizen when he learned of the adoption of the cat Eggbert.

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