Thursday, October 21, 2021

Cat Breed Center

A huge list of cat breeds with photos.

There are more than 101 cat breeds in the world. And each of them is characterized by its own characteristics of appearance and behavior. Each species and subspecies has its own history of origin. Every new cat breed that appears today is a masterpiece of creative selection. At the same time, various breeds of cats that appeared in nature as a result of natural selection are also unique in their own way. A purebred cat is not just a standard that includes the size of the body, paws, claws. This is, first of all, a friend of man. It doesn’t matter what color the cat’s coat is: black, ash or snow-white – each is good and beautiful.
We try to publish breed standards and breed requirements, as there is a lot of this information on other sites. The section contains a huge list of cat breeds with photos.

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