Cat Takes Flowers From His Garden As A Gift To His Neighbors Every Day

cat Willow brings flowers neighbors

Willow, is the name of the friendly cat from the UK who surprised her neighbors when she carried a beautiful pink flower in her mouth and gave it as a gift on one of her frequent visits.

Rosie told Love Meow:

“We live in a row of townhouses that lead to another row of townhouses with a sort of garden hallway. Willow rules six of the gardens, and I’m pretty sure she eats them all because it’s so hard to say no to her. “

Shortly after Rosie moved into her new home, she was surprised to find a cat sleeping in the hallway as if she owned the house. Willow mewed constantly until the neighbors opened the glass doors to let her in to have to sleep.

The cat takes flowers from his garden and brings them to his neighbor

Willow cat brings flowers neighborsRosie's Garden

Some tenants keep cardboard boxes and cat food, even treats in the house just for that cat.


Willow loves to play and craves affection from all of her neighbors. Since early spring, Rosie has noticed the pink flowers in the garden. At first she assumed it was the wind, until one of her roommates told her that she saw Willow with a flower in her mouth.

Rosie said:

“I’ve never seen it before, but for the past few weeks there has been a little flower on the terrace every two days.”

Cat carries flower

Over the days, several flowers have accumulated. They were scattered all over the terrace like a romantic setting.

Flowers on the terrace

Rosie said:

“For a while it was just a legend that she was until yesterday when I was cooking and I saw her jump with a pink flower in her mouth. I was so excited I went to film it because it’s so cute and i have never seen a cat bring anything in front of dead animals.”


Rosie added:

“Clearly he loves us because he steals flowers from (their owners) and leaves them on our patio. There were at least ten flowers before we realized it was her.”

Willow cat

Willow has visited Rosie almost every day since she moved in. She approaches as if she owned the premises. Willow even jumps onto her neighbor’s couch and uses her blanket as hers.

Willow at Rosie's

The cat loves his human friends and the neighbors adore him.

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