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The cat came home with a snake around its neck. The woman had to act immediately

The senior cat just wanted to bask in the sun. Unfortunately, the short visit to the garden ended dramatically for her. A dangerous snake tightened around the cat’s neck. She didn’t have time to call for help. The woman was unaware of the dangerous species she had to face.

Australia isn’t just about kangaroos and koalas. Dangerous animals live near humans

Although the inhabitants of Australia have become accustomed to the presence of snakes in their immediate environment, these reptiles constantly surprise them. They appear in tight places where they can hide. Their favorite places have become clothing drawers, garden containers and even car trunks. Even though only 15% of them are venomous, they are constantly feared by people.

Pets need to be careful as they live on this continent every day. They share their territory with dangerous species of snakes, spiders and scorpions. Although they are the bravest “species” of cats, domestic cats need to know that in a fight between a venomous snake and a cat, they may not stand a chance. A cat found out the hard way. While she was basking in the sun in the garden, she was suddenly attacked.

Scenes worthy of a horror film. The cat wouldn’t stand a chance without its owner’s help

A few days ago, a cat owner experienced a terrifying moment. Her beloved cat ran into the house with a snake wrapped around its neck. The woman, seeing what was happening, immediately decided to act. Under the influence of adrenaline, she did not think about the threat that the snake could represent for her. She grabbed the pasta tongs from the kitchen and grabbed the snake by the head. Holding the terrified cat, she slowly uncoiled the entwined snake.

She was able to safely free the animal. The cat escaped the whole situation unscathed. Still dazed, the woman sent a photo of the snake to her son. The answer came almost immediately. The owner was very lucky because the species that attacked her cat was the most venomous snake living in Australia. She and her pet can talk about great happiness.

The cat is seriously ill. The woman doesn’t know how many more days they will be able to spend together

In her message, the owner explains why each day spent with her cat is so important to her. It turns out the cat has a brain tumor and the woman doesn’t know how many days they have left together. In an interview with Newsweek, she spoke more about her kitten’s health.

“Nowadays she is very old and slow, so on the rare occasion she does manage to get outside, she usually just finds a place in the sun to sleep. So I wasn’t particularly worried about his disappearance,” she commented.

After finding out what kind of snake he was dealing with, the cat’s owner kept a close eye on him after the incident. She was afraid that the snake had bitten her pet and that the reaction to the venom would appear unexpectedly. However, nothing of the sort happened.

“It’s been over 48 hours and she’s still doing well. Currently he is sitting by the refrigerator and trying to convince me that he needs a second dinner” – wrote the cat’s owner with relief.

The whole story ended happily for them, and even though the woman knows that due to her pet’s illness they have less time left, rather than more, she is grateful for each day.

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