Cat Takes Her Kittens To The Man Who Helped Her And Gave Her Food And Never Left Him


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A sweet cat wandering the sides of a dealership leads her little kittens to the man who helped her

At a car dealership in eastern Oklahoma, a salesman found a cat with a can stuck to her head. The kitten was confused and meowing desperately for help, so the seller helped her, but the kitten ran away from her immediately.

The dealership manager, Brian Sheppard, learned of the kitten’s sad story with the salesperson, and decided to go out and find her.

Brian told Love Meow:

I left my office, but I couldn’t locate her. Around closing time, I saw her behind my store.

Cat brings kittens to the man who helped her

cat carries kittens man helped gave food

The man approached the kitten and noticed that she was very thin, so he gave her a chicken that she had not eaten for lunch. The feline was very hungry, so she ate all the food that Brian gave her in her hand, she was very grateful to him.

cat carries kittens man helped gave food

At the time, Brian assumed the cat might have belonged to a neighbor, but two days after feeding her he returned to the dealership.

Brian commented:

I went to a store and bought some food, dishes, kitty litter and a bed. When I returned, he met me at the door and I fed him. As I ate, I noticed that I was breastfeeding babies.

cat carries kittens man helped gave food

For that reason, Brian knew he couldn’t keep her inside his office, as her kittens were waiting for her somewhere in the neighborhood. So after the kitten finished eating, the man made a makeshift shelter behind his tent in hopes that he would bring the kittens from him.

Brian started calling the kitten Sophie, and every time she saw him she would jump on her lap to get some love.

cat carries kittens man helped gave food

After a week, Brian was able to see Sophie in a house across from her store, apparently where she lived. However, the kitten continued to visit the dealership daily, as she liked spending a lot of time with her new human friend.

Brian added:

He came to my office, found her food and water. Also, he found the bed I bought for him and slept in it.

cat carries kittens man helped gave food

One day, Brian decided to go up to the front house and ask about Sophie, there he got a big surprise, because he saw her two kittens. The man offered to adopt them and the owner of the house seemed to agree, as he was not interested in having and caring for them.

But his little daughter wasn’t very happy with what she was hearing, so Brian decided to wait until they were ready to be adopted.

cat carries kittens man helped gave food

Brian said:

After that, I didn’t hear from the man, nor did I see Sophie for a week.

Everything seemed to indicate that the family of the kittens had decided to keep them inside, but one night while Brian was closing the store he was able to observe a cat that was sitting on the welcome mat by the front door, and she was not alone.

cat carries kittens man helped gave food

He said:

I was getting ready to close my shop, and Sophie was next to my vehicle, with two kittens. She had led them to her source of food.

Brian opened the front door and Sophie ran into the office and started eating, she knew where all of her belongings were. The kittens weren’t scared, but they were very playful, so Brian called them over and was finally able to pick them up and carry them inside.

cat carries kittens man helped gave food

After that, the first thing Brian did was inform the family of the kittens that he had them in his possession, but they did not care. So the two little kittens got a forever home, next to one of the local employees, with the help of Brian.

But Sophie still needed a forever home, since it was difficult for Brian to adopt her, as her wife suffers from different allergies.

cat carries kittens man helped gave food

Brian added:

I spoke to my wife and told her that I was very attached to Sophie. My wife said, ‘We can try it here at home.

It wasn’t easy for Brian’s wife, but she quickly got used to it, so Sophie became an official member of the family.

cat carries kittens man helped gave food

It has been more than four years since Brian found Sophie, she is a very happy cat and she will be loved forever.

Images: Brian Sheppard