The Cat Chose A Home After Wandering The Streets And Is Now Helping Other Rescued Kittens

cat chose home roam streets now help other kittens

A cat has chosen the perfect house after living on the streets, and the best thing is that he has become the master and foster father of all the kittens that come into his home.

Jen, a foster volunteer for Jin Bottle Babies, a kitten rescue center in Arizona, observed an orange tabby cat in her backyard. The first time he saw this happened three years ago, around this time the cat named Romeo had his ears flattened to the sides.

The woman began to tend to the cat, sterilized and examined it, her ears healed, but the scars left a curious appearance on her ears.

Cat chose the perfect house to live in

Romeo new home

Jen has always looked after the fun “airplane ears” kitten, as well as other needy cats in her area.

Romeo in the yard

Jen told Love Meow:

“He wagged his tail like a dog and his flat ears confused other cats into thinking he was angry.”

Romeo had no health issues and just wanted to get along with the other cats, but the other felines attacked him for no reason.

Romeo in patio

Jen wanted to help him, and after a street fight, she healed him and decided to provide him with a home; Best of all, it fits the bill perfectly. In no time at all, the tabby boy had become a loving creature, and apparently all he wanted was to have a home forever.

Cat chose house

Since then, Romeo followed Jen around the house, he wanted attention, lots of hugs and constant worship.

Jen added:

“He’s a super loving and loving boy. He always wants to be on my knees. He’s not shy, and if someone comes he gets on his knees to be hugged.”

Kitty chose the right house

After becoming an indoor cat, he showed his true personality and Jen started to notice something quite admirable and special about him. Romeo began to feel a particular attraction for foster kittens, that was the only reason he was away from his mother.

Romeo taking care of cat

Whenever new kittens arrived, Romeo insisted on being close to them to fill them with a lot of love and give them his precious protection. The adorable tabby cat takes on the role of foster parent and takes their duties very seriously, fulfilling all of their parenting obligations.

Cat takes care of kittens

If the kittens are five weeks or older, Romeo becomes their foster parent and mentor, filling them with lots of love.

Jen commented:

“If a kitten cries, it runs around trying to find and help it. If I make them cry for some reason, they hit me on the head.”

Romeo takes care of cats

Romeo feels accepted by the kittens, they adore him and appreciate his sweet company. The cat teaches them to bathe carefully, and if they are very rough, he kicks them on the head to correct them, always with great tenderness.

Romeo takes care of kittens

Jen added:

“It makes parenting so much easier.”

Apparently, Romeo has a special way of getting the attention of little kittens, and they admire him and learn a lot from him.

kitty takes care of lucy

On one occasion, a foster kitten named Lucy was completely alone in her room because her siblings were visiting the vet. Romeo found out about the event and decided to keep him company all day until his brothers returned, he knew exactly what Lucy needed.

Romeo takes care of cat

Without a doubt, Romeo’s most important job is to be a foster parent; Despite the best efforts of volunteers, there are some things a feline parent does best.

Jen said:

“We couldn’t teach a kitten to stay clean as well as Romeo’s enthusiastic bathing sessions.”

Romeo teaches cats

With the invaluable help of Romeo and his constant lessons of life, these kittens have the perfect education to be exemplary cats.

Cat chose perfect house

Not only did Romeo find the perfect home after wandering the streets, but he also found a profession filled with love forever.

Images: Instagram / Chaos.In.Cat.Shape

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