This Cat Collects “Treasures” Every Day To Offer Them To Its Owners

cat collects treasures give them owners every day

Gonzo has been adopted into his family since he was a kitten and has always been drawn to spending time outdoors, taking long walks in his family’s garden and always coming back to them when he is. is called. Over time, the family decided to leave him hanging out unsupervised, and he loved that vote of confidence so much that he now collects treasures to take back to his loved ones.

Derek, Gonzo’s human father, recalls one time, when he had only been enjoying the garden unattended for a few months, he brought home a dazed but still alive little bird. He was taken directly by his wife, who really got a big scare.

Derek told The Dodo:

“It scared Gonzo (and me, and the neighbors). We left the bird outside and it flew away after a minute or two. Gonzo seemed to take that reaction to heart because at from then on, the only thing he brought home were inanimate objects.”

The cat collects “treasures” and brings them to its owners

cat collects treasures give them owners every day

As soon as Gonzo realized that bringing other animals was not an option for gifts, the feline managed to be more creative and only what seemed interesting or unique he picked up to take home with his parents; usually it came with the trash someone threw away.

Under the building where they reside, there is an abandoned storage area. So Gonzo decided to use it as his personal gift shop, and of course he found many fabulous treasures there.

cat collects treasures give them owners every day

When the adorable kitty goes out for a walk every day, he usually comes home with a bric-a-brac gift or two, sometimes he doesn’t bring anything home at all, and other days he surprises with various gifts.

Derec said:

“His current record is nine in one day. He brought us the centerfold of an old Playboy magazine and an old light bulb in a box from [the storage area]. construction of new plumbing parts still in plastic. I returned them to the workers, who were a bit confused when I explained how they came into my possession.”

cat collects treasures give them owners every day

Gonzo often comes home with interesting junk gifts, which has made his parents think of all the adventures he has when he’s away from home. The couple wanted to know if there was a way to track what he was doing and where he goes all day, and they came up with the idea of attaching a camera to their feline.

Derec says:

“My wife and I talked about it and thought it would be a good idea to find out what he was up to. got into dangerous situations or ate weird things, we would have considered making him an indoor cat.”

cat collects treasures give them owners every day

So Gonzo’s family started to put the camera collar on him from time to time, in order to monitor what he was doing during his walks. But seeing some of the camera footage only made them fall a little more in love with their cat.

Derek recalls:

“Most of the footage he collects shows him sleeping in the bushes. But on the second day he brought back footage of his encounter with baby opossums. Looking at this for the first time…we We saw very nervous. But then he spent time with them peacefully. And he was very cute and interesting, and we loved hearing that from him.”

Gonzo’s family also loves seeing footage of him picking out his unnecessary gifts. It’s fun for them to see how you choose and where you find your gifts. Choosing gifts for your family is an important part of the tabby cat’s daily routine.

While Gonzo’s family loved learning what their feline does during the day, they don’t recommend everyone buy a camera for their cat. They’ve found a safe way, but it’s definitely not good for all cats.

cat collects treasures give them owners every day

Gonzo’s case is unique, this feline is a professional in outdoor exploration. His family has learned that he knows how to stay safe by viewing his footage. She also knows how to protect other animals and, of course, her specialty is getting rare gifts to take home to the people she loves.

You can learn a bit more about Gonzo’s adventures on his TikTok account.

Images: Derek

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