The cat comes home with a message coming out from behind his collar. Suddenly the whole truth comes to light

cat comes home with a message
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A cat named Pixi came home with a new collar around her neck, surprising her owners. Everything indicated that a stranger was behind this, so they decided to attach a note asking for an explanation of the mysterious situation. After receiving the answer, everything became clear. It turned out that Pixi had been leading a double life for a long time.

The cat surprised its owners. He came home with a new collar

Pixi is a gray cat who loves spending time outside the house. Although there are mixed opinions about letting cats outside, owners allow them to come and go whenever they want. Usually, the rides home looked the same. The animal greeted the members of the household, asked for food, then took a nap on its favorite bed.

However, one day Pixi came home with a new necklace. This was surprising to her owners because they hadn’t bought her any similar accessories recently. It didn’t even occur to them to put a collar on their cat, because it could accidentally hurt itself by falling through the fence or other gaps.

However, unaware of the potential threat, the family decided to attach a note addressed to the perpetrator to the necklace. They hoped to receive a response soon. It turned out that Pixi was hiding more from them than they expected.

cat comes home with a message
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The cat had more secrets than they thought

The Gray Cat’s keepers received a response the day after the note was sent. It turned out that their pet was leading a double life. The collar was put on him by people to whom the cat regularly visits:

We named it Hurache. Apparently, this cat has two homes. Sincerely! – strangers responded.

Pixi’s shocked owners quickly understood why their pet disappeared so often for long hours. The student simply divides his time between two families. The intelligent cat certainly benefited greatly: he could count on a double portion of caresses, food and attention. What else could he want? This sounds like the perfect life.

cat comes home with a message
Facebook @Mary Lore Barra

A cat’s story of a double life may be a warning for outdoor cat owners

Pixi’s first owners decided to respect their pet’s preferences. They let him live his own life, taking into account that they wouldn’t be the only people the cat would like to spend time with.

This story is a perfect example of the importance of microchipping your pets, especially if they are walking alone. Otherwise, the animal could be mistaken for a stray and taken to an animal shelter or taken in by someone who decides to help out of the kindness of their heart.

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