Cat Walks Into Woman’s Life With Her Kittens When She Needed Help The Most

cat comes to life woman with her kittens

A tabby stray cat has been spotted in Istanbul, Turkey. The feline was pregnant and roamed the streets in search of safe haven and food. She eventually gave birth in an apartment building, but the cat and her babies couldn’t stay there, so a local resident worried about the feline family approached Ahsen, a volunteer animal rescuer, hoping she could take them in.

Finally, after a long time of wandering the streets, the kitten would have a warm place with her kittens. Ahsen, who already had more cats in her home, set up a warm bed in her garage for this sweet family of felines.

Ashen told Love Meow:

When they contacted me, I said ‘bring them to me’ before I had the chance to see a photo. I saw the mother’s big emerald green eyes and decided to call Zümrüt, which means emerald. She was very grateful from the start.

A cat enters a woman’s life with her kittens

cat and her kittens

The kitten purred happily and stretched out her paws as she rested comfortably on her warm bed. Unfortunately, one of the kittens did not survive, but luckily both of its siblings soon began to thrive.

For the first few weeks, the sweet mother stayed with her kittens, attentive to their needs. Every time Ahsen came to check on the babies and the kitten, Zümrüt gently dropped her paw into her hand for a little cuddle.

Pregnant cat is rescued

While the mother fed her kittens and kept them clean, Ahsen made sure that Zümrüt was well fed and even fed her during the day. Both kittens were growing at a rapid pace, and when they were ready, they both found loving homes.

Ash says:

Zümrüt had a hard time finding a suitable adopter, as he didn’t love anyone but me, and it took him a while to adjust to life inside.

cat enters the life of a woman

For his part, Ashen tried to help Zümrüt in his garage and garden to help him find enough courage. Ashen’s idea was to help the kitten find a good home for him, but the feline had a very different idea. One day the kitten put her fluffy paws inside the house and decided it would be her forever home.

Ash added:

With a lot of patience and the bond that unites us, she really bounced back. He had a tough life on the streets, but now he rules my house.

cat enters the life of a woman with her kittens

Zümrüt befriended the resident cat Zikri, and they enjoyed doing mischief together around the house. The kitten let out her personality and confidence, and she also became the boss of her new home.

She is very happy now that she has a loving family and someone to always love.

Kitten’s new mom says:

She sleeps with me every night and sometimes we walk in the garden together.

kittens in a basket

The sweet kitten has grown into a girl with a big feline attitude. He still has the support of his best friend Zikri, who is always looking forward to new adventures together.

cat finds a home

The kitten can be a bit sassy when it comes to other people, but the sweetheart definitely loves her new human mother with all her might.

Ashen finally says:

She trusted me and I think she chose me.

rescued kitten

You can enjoy the adventures of Zümrüt and his family on his Instagram account.

Images: Instagram / zikrettinn

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