Cat And His Human Dad Enjoy A Day At The Spa And Go Viral

cat dad enjoy day spa

Cat and her dad enjoy a great day at the spa and are discovered by her mum, the funny video quickly went viral.

With millions of views, a video of a cat and his foster dad enjoying a day at the spa has gone viral on TikTok. The creators of the funny video are a married couple named Kareem and Fifi from Irvine, California (USA). His TikTok channel Dontstopmeowing already has just over 9 million followers, in addition to his Instagram account with over 1 million.

This couple creates humorous videos of their everyday lives with their cats, which brighten the day for people who enjoy their content. Your cats really seem to be enjoying the day at the spa and look completely relaxed.

Kareem and Fifi started creating this type of content due to quarantine and ended up helping a lot of people pass the time.

Kareem told Bored Panda:

I think we were surprised that Chase and the cats loved the spa experience. Chase, Millie and Skye fell asleep during the filming of the video because they felt at peace.

The cat and his father enjoy a day at the spa

cat and his father on a spa day

They decided to create the videos as a way to get through the COVID-19 quarantine lockdown and have fun in the process.

The adoptive father of the cats says:

We were bored at home during quarantine and spending a lot of time with our cats, so we teamed up to make videos together.

Cat and his dad enjoy a spa day

The oldest kitten in this house is named Skye, and she is 3 years old, she was rescued when she was 7 weeks old. Second cat Chase, 2, was rescued after being abandoned as a baby. And finally Millie, she was rescued at 9 months from a shelter during quarantine, in honor of a cat named Snow, who was rescued and unfortunately had cancer.

cats dressed as Mexican charros

Kareem is a car technician and his wife Fifi is currently completing her degree in school guidance, they met a few years ago through mutual friends and have been married for 3 years now.

feline family

They are always thinking of new ideas for their videos. They add :

We come up with ideas that we know our fans will enjoy. A lot of our fans can relate to a lot of the content we put out, so we try to come up with ideas that most people can relate to.

Of course, in the process, it’s not all fun, and the couple say their least favorite thing is the editing process.

Karem says:

What we like least about making videos is editing them and having to put them together. Sometimes it takes longer than usual. Over time, we have learned to improve! This what we love most about creating content is knowing that so many people have been able to find laughter and happiness in our videos, especially during a global pandemic.

upset kitty

Kareem remembers that he didn’t like cats. On the contrary, he did not like them at all. But luckily, he loved Fifi enough that she was still a cat lover at heart.

And as we can see, he finally succumbed completely to the feline charms too.

Dad and cats sleep

You can enjoy their funny videos and jokes on their Instagram and TikTok accounts.

Images: Instagram / dontstopmeowing


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