This Cat Has Decided To Go To Work Every Day In A Company And Already Has An Employee Title

cat decides to go to work every day and receives a badge

Around the world, there are millions of stray animals that roam the streets in constant search of help, whether it’s someone who adopts them or a charitable soul who gives them food or a little love.

A lot of these animals, since they don’t have a home to live in, what they do is sometimes go to stores or businesses and then they stay to live in their environment. For example, in some cities, it is more common to see dogs parked at the entrance to stores and warehouses, waiting for customers who are going to buy to give them a piece of food.

Something like that was done by a kitten named Bino, who lived with her owner Victória Capato in São José do Rio Preto, Brazil.

This cat has decided to go to work every day in a company and already has an employee title

cat decides to go to work every day and receives a badge

Although he is not a stray, since he has an owner, this kitty likes to roam the streets and be free, always looking for new adventures. This is how he arrived in an office building in São Paulo, where he entered and little by little he made friends with all the employees there.

At first, it was a big surprise to see a cat in a public building that wandered around every office throughout the day, mostly during working hours. Incredibly, this cat filled the employee’s shift: he arrived in the morning and left in the afternoon as if he were another employee

cat decides to go to work every day and receives a badge

In this place, in addition to petting him, the employees also fed him, and so several months passed during which Bino made friends with different employees of the place and they were all very happy, because this kitten has contributed a lot to the existence of a more relaxed atmosphere in the workplace.

Many employees of this Brazilian company are nervous and stressed during the day, so this kitten comes to the employee’s desk with little energy to pet them, which helps bring more positive energy to the office environment.

cat decides to go to work every day and receives a badge

Also, many customers who go to this public building to do paperwork arrive with bad energy, quite nervous and with little patience in general, which is why Bino always seems to calm things down and thus tries to make everything more relaxed at work.

After a year spent in these offices, and under the authorization of the director of the company, this kitten was accepted as an auxiliary employee. This way he sticks to his normal work schedule and even has his lunch break.

A very interesting idea that should be applied in all those areas where negative energies lurk.

Images: TV TEM


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