Cat Defends Puppy Who Cried When Vaccinated By Vet

cat defends vet vaccinated puppy

For anyone who has had pets in their life, it’s clear that a trip to the vet is one of our furry animals’ biggest fears. Here, even the differences between the species are forgotten, there the animals take care and protect themselves. Witness this cat who, like a feline superhero, defended a puppy who was crying when he received his vaccines.

The vet was so surprised at the cat’s reaction, as he checked his paw for apparent scratches caused by this ‘defender of the weak’ and causing him a bit of discomfort depending on his gestures.

Cat defends crying puppy at vet

cat defends vet vaccinated puppy

We all know the importance of vaccinations for our furry friends, it’s crucial to prevent multiple illnesses, and we certainly understand that this is an upsetting time for our pets and the situation is making them more anxious and even worse when they hear another animal crying. basically

cat defends vet vaccinated puppy

So the brave cat, hearing the cry of this dog, decided to attack the vet with his claws to save the heartbroken dog; apparently he had observed the situation for some time before deciding to act.

The whole thing was recorded in an already viral video on the TikTok social network, where it has been viewed more than 1.4 million times.

cat defends vet vaccinated puppy

The poor vet who didn’t bother at all was dumbfounded, we only see him touching his paw and complaining a bit about the claw he got from the cat.


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The video appears with the description “Unexpected ending with the michi”, posted by user @argenisperez5 on the TikTok social network.

cat defends vet vaccinated puppy

Everyone who witnessed the scene was shocked, the dog’s adoptive mother and vet couldn’t believe what happened. Without a doubt, this shows us that animals take care of each other, and that dogs and cats do not always get along badly.

Images: Tiktok / @argenisperez5

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