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The cat’s despair lasted 341 days. With just one look, he removed the “curse”

Monty was the only cat to spend so many days in a homeless animal shelter. The cat was locked in a cage for 341 days. Despite his docile character, no one wanted to welcome him. In order for the animal to find a home, the establishment waived adoption fees. Even that didn’t help. Due to the “curse” placed on him, everyone avoided his cage until the day he met the chosen ones of his heart.

Not all animals are lucky. Sometimes it takes several days to find good accommodation

Shelter employees and volunteers do a lot of work every day to disseminate information about shelter animals in traditional media and social media. They hope that through their actions they will increase the chances that their children will be adopted. However, it sometimes happens that for unknown reasons, a given animal is omitted by its future guardians. Maybe he’s too shy, maybe too ginger, or maybe he’s just not what his future owners imagine?

There are many reasons why animals spend their best years in a cage shelter. The myth of the black cat bringing misfortune continues to haunt these poor creatures, as Monty discovered. Due to his bad luck, this charming kitten had to wait for his family for 341 days.

Black cats bring bad luck. This myth refuses to leave these creatures

Monty grew up on the streets and had to fight to survive almost every day before being rescued. This makes this human-loving cat intolerant of other cats. The volunteers therefore looked for a home for him where he could be a pampered only child. However, no one was interested in an ordinary black cat without distinctive features.

People visiting the shelter to adopt a pet would pass Monty’s cage indifferently. After all, according to superstition, black cats bring bad luck, which in reality is completely absurd. But Monty had no choice. He had to wait patiently until he found someone who, even if he was called unlucky, would fall deep in his heart.

cat despair lasted 341 days

The cat made friends with cats. It was the start of big changes

As the months went by, Monty began to get used to other cats. He realized that he did not have to treat them as potential enemies and that attacking them would not increase his chances of survival. He particularly enjoyed the company of women. Shelter workers placed the cat in a room with the kittens so he wouldn’t sit alone.

cat despair lasted 341 days

After more than 300 days of no response regarding Monti’s adoption, the shelter came up with the idea of waiving adoption fees to increase his chances of finding a new home. Despite all efforts, there was still little interest in the unlucky little cat.

Dream house on the horizon. Bad luck stopped haunting the black cat

One day, a woman whose neighbor loved animals and constantly encouraged her to adopt another cat came across the shelter’s website. They already had an adopted cat at home, and since they sometimes travel together, they wanted to give her some feline companionship so she would feel a little more comfortable while they were gone. While browsing the ads, she stopped at a sad story about Monti. Her husband also looked at various websites advertising cats in need of help. A few days later, he sent her a photo of a cat they could adopt. It was the same animal: Monty!

Believing in destiny, the woman showed up at the shelter with the information that she would like to adopt Monti. After taking all the necessary steps, the family went to pick up their new friend. The cat immediately charmed not only the children, but also their parents. After one look, the family knew the cat was coming home with them.

The cat quickly settled in thanks to the love of his new family. Not believing that his bad luck had turned into good luck, he decided not to leave his guardians. It gets tangled between their legs and constantly rubs against their calves. After so many days in a shelter, it will take time for him to believe he has a forever family.

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