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Until now, he was an “only child”. The cat discovered that he would share the house with the dog, his face is priceless

Charles is a charming cat whose whole life has fallen apart. A happy time, filled with inner peace, unlimited attention from caregivers and no competition for the bowl, ended the day a new pet arrived home. The purr’s face said it all: Charles was unable to accept the fact that he would now have to share his owners’ space and hearts with another pet. The cat’s reaction to seeing the puppy was filmed and shared on social media.

The cat was a unique animal for years. He had no intention of sharing care with another animal

Charles is an exceptionally handsome representative of the Scottish Fold cat breed. During the first years of its life, the cat could enjoy the freedom of being the only pet in a large house. Thanks to this, the attention of the whole family was focused exclusively on him every day. The cat loved being pampered and naturally got used to not having to share his beloved guardians with anyone.

Unfortunately, one day the cat’s romance ended. Have Charles’ owners decided to expand the family? They didn’t expect the cat to hate him so much.

A new animal has appeared in the house. The cat was upset

The day a puppy arrived at Charles’s house turned out to be the worst day of the cat’s life. The once happy and cuddly animal has completely changed its behavior. He has neither the courage nor the desire to approach the new tenant. Instead, he looked at him from a safe distance with an expression that spoke more than a thousand words.

cat discovered share house dog

The expression on Charles’ face was so eloquent and comical that his owner decided to record it and share the video on social media. As expected, this made many Internet users laugh. Charles did not know that the dog’s companionship resulted from temporary care of a family member’s pet. The dog only spent the weekend with them and, much to the cat’s delight, returned to his permanent home on Sunday.

cat discovered share house dog

Folded cats are characterized by several characteristics. They are usually attributed to dogs

It is worth emphasizing that Charles’ behavior is much more understandable to anyone who knows the specifics of the Scottish Fold cat breed. These unusual-looking cats are extremely attached to their owners. In addition, they do not like changes and appreciate peace and quiet above all. Knowing these facts, it is easy to imagine how inconvenient the arrival of a puppy must have been for Charles.

It should be added that Scottish Fold cats are also very balanced and friendly animals. Certainly, over time, Charles will make friends with the new member of the family if it becomes necessary to take him under his care again. However, it takes a little longer than the puppy would like.

cat discovered share house dog

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