These Heroes Cat And Dog Are Regular Blood Donors To Help Other Animals

cat dog hero regular blood donors

Animal lover who realized she needed blood donors revealed her cat and dog have become regular donors, and now, thanks to her lovely initiative, they have been able to help other animals in need.

In order to help other animals, Mandie Pannell and her partner, Thomas Mills, decided to take their two pets to a donation center. Now her 10-year-old cat, Weasley, has managed to donate 10 times, and her six-year-old dog, Spock, has done so five times.

The woman, who is a nurse by profession, is so proud of her veteran donor Weasley that she has decided to enter her for a special hero award.

A hero cat and dog regularly donate blood

cat dog hero regular blood donors

Mandie told METRO:

Weasley is absolutely a hero.

The kitten is so good at donating blood that he even takes care of his canine sibling when he is very scared.

cat dog hero regular blood donors

Sometimes he feels so calm giving blood that he purrs, and sometimes it is difficult for them to hear his heartbeat. Without a doubt, Weasley has become an example for other people to realize the importance of donating blood.

Well, according to the woman, there aren’t many people who know about animal donors and, most importantly, a donor who is a feline.

cat dog hero regular blood donors

In addition, he assures us that England is a country that loves animals, so they do everything to help them and promote their well-being.

Mandie commented:

I entered him for the Petplan Pet Awards, in the Pet Hero of the Year category, because I also thought it would help publicize animal blood donors and he qualified for the final.

cat dog hero regular blood donors

The woman and her husband have lived together since 2015 near Potter’s Bar, Hertfordshire, and at that time they already had their puppy Spock. On the flip side, Weasley joined the family in 2016, after Thomas gave it to Mandie as a birthday present.

Although the cat is considered to be of advanced age, it continues to behave like a kitten, is very playful, enjoys cuddling, and enjoys hunting insects.

Although they have had some rivalry, Spock and Weasley are very close and spend a lot of time together, even going so far as to donate blood together.

cat dog hero regular blood donors

But the initiative to donate blood began after Weasley returned home late that night with an injury to his left back leg. Apparently, he had fought with an animal because he had a big wound and his hind leg was a bit missing.

Due to the weather, they could not go to their trusted vet, so they decided to take him to the Royal Veterinary College, for help.

cat dog hero regular blood donors

Mandie added:

We took him there to be groomed, cleaned, stitched up and wound up.

As they waited for their cat to be groomed, Mandie noticed an ad saying they were urgently looking for animal blood donors. The woman had never seen such ads, but as a nurse she knew the importance of donating blood, so she registered her pets.

cat dog hero regular blood donors

At the clinic, they informed him that donor animals had to be drug-free for eight weeks, so they had to wait to start donating.

After three months and fully recovered from his injury, Weasley donated his first batch of blood to help other animals. From that point on, he became an official clinic donor, visiting them about every 12 weeks to donate blood.

cat dog hero regular blood donors

Mandie said:

You just made your 10th donation, as it’s every three or four months for cats. He is a true hero.

Spock also started donating blood at the same time as his brother, but his process is a bit faster as the dogs recover quickly. However, Mandie says the clinic’s medical staff are very careful with donors and receive the care they deserve.

cat dog hero regular blood donors

The donation process takes about 10 minutes, but then they leave the little hero for observation and after three hours they come to pick him up.

The woman knows how important it is to donate blood, especially if at some point something happens to her pets that they need it.

Mandie commented:

The idea that another pet owner doesn’t have access to the blood that could save their beloved pet breaks my heart.

cat dog hero regular blood donors

So when Petplan sent the invitation to Mandie, she decided to write Weasley for the award, as it would be a good showcase for donors. But also to recognize Weasley’s fine work, after all, he has become a true hero who deserves to win the award.

Images: Instagram – mandiepannell

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