Cat Went Viral For Stealing Neighbor’s Money

cat enters house neighbor take money

While there’s no doubt that animals are smart, some of them use their cunning to do mischief, or at least that’s what Twitter users thought when they saw this picture. kitten “stealing” large sums of money from their neighbor.

Arturo, Antonela Repetto’s cat, usually hangs out in the apartment next door. But instead of picking up random items, he chose money. In a tweet published by the young woman, she showed a capture of the conversation with her neighbor who told her that he was short of money. He saw the suspect come out of his house and followed him until he saw Arturo red-handed with money in his mouth.

Antonella wrote on her Twitter account:

“My face falls in embarrassment. My cat comes all the time to steal money from the neighbor.”

The cat enters the neighbor’s house to take his money

cat enters house neighbor take money

The young woman told the story and clarified that the cat is not obsessed with money, but with the rubber bands that hold the packages.

Antonia said:

“It was really funny when it started happening. It’s not something that just happened for the first time, it’s been happening for a while.”

According to the newspaper El Perfil, the young woman discovered that her cat had wandered off when the neighbor told her, confused, that he could not find or remember having spent the money he had saved. Antonela then saw her cat with a wad of cash in her mouth and a rubber band hanging from one of her teeth.

The young woman remembers:

“The days passed and from time-to-time Arturo appeared at my house with a bundle of money, and I knew that if he came the bundle would be stolen because he had a rubber band, and I already know that at the house I don’t need to put rubber bands on him because they are desperate.”

cat enters house neighbor take money

Antonela said she has a very good relationship with her neighbors and they take it all with humor. Arturo has been doing his thing for a year and his mother knows that every time we find money lying around in the hallway or wads of cash appear in the house, it’s because he went to rob the neighbor .

Throughout this year, it happened, at least 10 to 15 times, that Antonella knew about it. And the funny thing is that he doesn’t steal small amounts; it’s usually a lot.

Arturo was so excited that he even learned to open the drawers where the neighbor keeps his money. This happens because the neighbors have a free movement agreement.

Antonelle explained:

“My neighbor is free to come into the house and I into his because there’s a Friends dynamic in the apartment, so it’s not strange for us.”

cat enters house neighbor take money

Before user comments, Antonela added:

“I didn’t train him, he’s obsessed with gummies and he learned to steal money because it was put on him, but he’s not trained to steal and I’m a neighbor honest and I return whatever is stolen.”

Antonella adopted Arturo from Colitas Rescatadas and quickly became friends with her other cat, Duce. She describes him as very affectionate, but also very jealous: he needs to get involved in everything and loves to bite into anything that can sink his teeth into him.

cat enters house neighbor take money

Finally, Antonella added:

“Both are very companions, they saved my life, they accompanied me a lot in difficult times. They are very insightful, affectionate, friendly, they get along with absolutely any animal”.

Images: Twitter / @antonelarepetto

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