Cat Follows A Family Home And Throws Herself Into Their Arms When They Take Her Off The Streets

cat follows family home throws arms help

The life of a shy cat totally changes when a family decides to help her get off the streets, and now she just hopes she can find a loving home forever.

A family living in Los Angeles, California, several weeks ago observed a homeless cat wandering aimlessly in her neighborhood park. The cat was very shy and kept away from everyone, but one day everything changed when the cat gathered enough courage and got closer to the family.

She reached out to her new human friends, (a woman with two children), and let them pet her and then decided to follow them all the way to her house.

Cat follows a family home

cat follows family

Moved by the cat’s attitude, the family offered her some food and water, and she apparently cheered up a lot more with them. From that day on, the cat decided to stay in the backyard of the house, to be able to enjoy good food and a lot of attention.

Snowy at home

Her children affectionately called her Snowy, and although she was not inside her home, she treated her well and provided everything she needed.

The mother of the family has a sister, Caroline Grace, who is the founder of Baby Kitten Rescue, so she contacted her for help.

Caroline told Love Meow:

She Soon she was purring and kissing them on the head. My sister told me about Snowy and she asked if she could come help her.


The woman decided to visit her sister, and when she arrived, she was greeted by a shy young cat that she had a lot of love to give. At first, Snowy was a bit insecure, but after a few minutes she walked over to Caroline and started purring as she stroked her.

Caroline was surprised by Snowy’s loving attitude, and she quickly knew that she couldn’t leave her living on the streets any longer.

The cat jumped into Caroline’s arms, and let them put her in a cat cage, as if she knew she was there to help her. Later, she was taken to the vet for a medical check-up, where they estimated that she was approximately six months old and that she did not possess a microchip.

Caroline added:

My sister and her neighbors posted around the neighborhood and on social media, trying to find Snowy’s owner for over a month, but no one claimed her.

cat follows family home

It was evident that this sweet, loving and adorable cat was at one point someone’s pet, but for unknown reasons she was left homeless. She luckily found the right people, and now Snowy was feeling in the clouds when she first entered Caroline’s house.

Caroline commented:

When I took her home, I was worried that she was afraid. But as soon as I let her out of the carrier, she climbed onto my lap and started purring. She knew that she was safe and that he loved her.

Vet snowy

Snowy’s caring personality came out, and soon she was rubbing her head against Caroline and patting her with her paws. The cat’s happiness was indescribable, as she was very excited to be loved again, but especially to have a new home.

Snowy is a very sweet cat and she deserves to have a life full of comforts and love, something that her adoptive mother will take care of.

Snowy foster home

Snowy will remain in her care, until Caroline can find the most incredible home for her, where she will be loved for the rest of her life.

If you want to adopt Snowy you can fill out the application here.

Images : Instagram / babykittenrescue

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