Cat With Four Brown Kittens Finds A Kind Family To Help Them Thrive

cat four kittens brown family friendly thrive

Laura Malone, the director of the Mini Cat Town rescue center located in San Jose, California (USA), received a call to help a family of cats in need of a home. A mother cat and her four kittens were taken to the city shelter. No further information was known where they came from, but it was clear that they were to be welcomed.

Mini Cat Town didn’t hesitate to welcome the big family, and when they saw them, they discovered that the little kittens had beautiful brown fur that made them so adorable. Finding a chocolate or cinnamon brown cat is very difficult, this color appears with a genetic mutation of the black color gene.

Laura told Love Meow:

Given her weight and cuteness, I can assume she was regularly groomed by a human, but her pads are as dry as a cat that has spent quite a bit of time outside.

Cat with four brown kittens finds a family

adorable brown kittens

The adorable babies turned out to be 4 cute girls, two of them seem to have a solid pattern and two of them have cute white socks on their little paws and white markings on their face and chest.

Laura says:

The nose and beans appear to be a pinkish brown color, which would tentatively lead me to believe that they won’t darken to black like mom, but they may stay close to that color. If true, they will be extremely unique!

Cat with four brown kittens

The mother cat was called Mars. He is a beautiful kitten with long fluffy black fur. At first she was a bit nervous and anxious in her new surroundings, but things soon changed when she realized that she and her kittens were safe in the care of the rescue centre.


Laura added:

The first night, she snarled a lot with every noise and movement, made unwavering eye contact and stood defensively. After a while I realized she was just talking letting me know she was scared and protecting her kittens but wanted human interaction and cuddling.

Cat and her baby

Finally, lovely Mars, took a little courage and reached out to her foster family for some help with her babies named: Hershey, Reese’s or Reese, Twix and Baby Ruth. The sweet and loving feline mother relaxed a little and started kneading with her paws, while greeting her humans.

adorable fluffy cat

His adoptive mother said:

That’s the cutest thing. Looks like he’s doing somersaults.

kitten playing

For their part, the kittens grow up healthy, happy and very strong thanks to the attention and love of their mother. They are restless and learning to use their legs, they are very playful and mischievous. They are adorable and it’s so much fun to watch their adventures.

newborn cats

The beautiful kittens are thriving in foster homes and it looks like their chocolate brown fur will be permanent. Felines are getting bigger, meaner and stronger day by day, and soon they will be adorable teenagers.

Mars and her baby

The kittens now spend most of their time outside the nest, and enjoy long periods of play, of course under the supervision of their mother, who as soon as she hears them cry runs and grooms them, covering them with kisses and love.

Laura finally says:

I can say that Mars is the kind of mom who wants her babies to always be small, but these kitties are starting to move!

Baby of Mars

If you want to know a bit more about the work done by the rescue center, you can visit their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Images: Instagram / fosterkittyfamily

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