Cat Befriends A Dog And Gets It To Be Adopted By His Family

cat friend dog family adopted

Sweet cat found his perfect companion in a foster home and with his friendship they managed to win everyone’s hearts until they were permanently adopted by the same family

Shortie is a very friendly cat who was rescued by a rescue center in Los Angeles, California (United States) last year, and was subsequently taken in by the Best Friends Animal Society shelter in Mission Hills so that he could have a better chance of life. Thanks to this he befriended a dog who gave him the necessary confidence to win the hearts of his adopters.

When the cat arrived at the shelter he slowly rubbed against the legs of the volunteers. No doubt everyone recognized that he was a gentle soul who wanted to give and receive love.

Unfortunately, Shortie’s health suddenly declined and they had to take him to the vet for a blood transfusion.

Cat befriends a dog and insists that he be adopted

cat friend dog family adopted

Thanks to this treatment, Shortie had a great improvement in his health almost immediately, and this was considered by all to be a true miracle. When he was fully recovered, the cat returned to the shelter’s adoption floor waiting for a family to come for him.

Michelle LaPalme, Best Friends Care Specialist, told Love Meow the following:

I was afraid that he was on the floor too long, and he might get sick again (due to stress). I just hoped someone would come over soon and see how special this boy was.

Mamie Maxwell, a Best Friends volunteer, decided to foster the sweet cat until he could find a permanent home. The first few days, Shortie was very shy, hiding under the sofa and the closet in the hallway, only going out of there to feed and then returning to hide.

cat friend dog family adopted

He remained with this behavior for about a week until he was encouraged to take a tour of the house and finally met Tanner, a dog that also belonged to the shelter and was being taken in by Mamie.

cat friend dog family adopted

To everyone’s surprise, the connection of these two animals was immediately, Shortie lay down next to him on the sofa.

Mamie said:

Tanner was apprehensive at first, but Shortie persisted. I calmed him down and they both fell asleep.

cat friend dog family adopted

Tanner’s presence gave Shortie the confidence she needed, and from that day on they stayed on.

Thanks to Tanner, Shortie has also shown greater confidence in people, even enjoying the hugs from Maxwell and her boyfriend.

cat friend dog family adopted

When it came time to find a permanent home for Shortie, the couple knew they couldn’t let him go, he completely stole their hearts from him.

cat friend dog family adopted

The fact that Shortie has befriended an older dog has given confidence not only to him, but to the dog that despite his years has shown to feel like a dog again.

cat friend dog family adopted

Mamie said:

I realized that they were looking for each other. When he was raining so hard the other day, Tanner was sleeping in the closet, and Shortie was looking around the apartment for him.

cat friend dog family adopted

The connection that arose between these adorable animals made the idea of ​​separating them impossible, so even though the couple’s plans were only to adopt a pet, they finally decided to give Tanner the opportunity as well.

Images: FB: Mamie Maxwell

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