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The cat came to them two days after giving birth. The sad truth has emerged

The young mother cat was in serious trouble. Fortunately, she was in good hands who helped her. Unfortunately, the kittens were not so lucky. After much work, the sad truth about his condition was revealed.

Irresponsible breeding is becoming more and more common

Unfortunately, many people who own animals also decide to breed a certain breed. Conscious guardians take care of their animals. They provide them with good veterinary care, and when the babies are born, they devote every free moment to the babies. Unfortunately, there are many pseudo-breeders in the world who view breeding only as a profitable business.

Animals are exploited in cruel ways and, when complications arise, they are left to their own devices. The pseudo-owner does not want to lose a single cent of the possible profit. Animals that are no longer useful are usually thrown away as unwanted items. This is not the first time that the Ettlingen animal shelter has faced a similar situation.

The owner wanted to make money from the little cats

A cat living in a pseudo-kennel developed unexpected complications during childbirth. Unfortunately, the irresponsible owner did not want to pay for the cesarean section at the veterinary clinic. The amount he would have to sacrifice was 2,500 euros. The shelter received an urgent call from a veterinarian.

“The mother cat has been in labor for 2 days, the owner cannot afford the cost of the necessary cesarean section, can you cover it?” – was the message from the clinic.

Despite the enormous workload and high expenses incurred for the animals that came to them, the shelter employees did not hesitate for a single moment to help the mother cat. The cat taken in by the shelter gave birth to a total of 10 kittens. Unfortunately, one died. However, that was just the start of the feline family’s problems.

cat giving birth sad truth emerged
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The cat needed urgent help. She couldn’t take care of the young ones

The mother cat turned out to be a purebred cat. The Maine Coon, which would normally weigh between 3.5 and 5 kg, only weighed 2.9. Every bone was visible and could be counted. The cat was so emaciated and weak that she unfortunately could not care for her newly born litter.

It is incomprehensible and incomprehensible to us how you can bring your pet to such a state just to make money on kittens. We are angry and frustrated, shelter employees wrote on their profile.

The statement presented by the pseudo-owner to the clinic showed that this was the third litter in which the cat had given birth. It should be noted that the animal is only 3 years old. Such exploitation of the cat deserves the greatest condemnation. Volunteers and shelter employees took care of the kittens. They require special care and feeding with specialized milk every 2-3 hours. Kittens can only be raised through their work and attention. Babies in the first phase of development have only a 50% chance of survival. However, the employees hope that they will all be saved and find a good home.

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