Cat Grooming Tips : How to Care for Your pet


No cat likes to be dirty and it’s up to the owner to make sure his cat stays clean. Grooming the cat is very important because it helps to keep it clean and healthy. Grooming should start with brushing, which helps prevent hair from turning into balls because brushing will remove dead hair. Many cats have trouble getting rid of it. With the risk that these balls of hair get stuck in his mouth, and even swallow them. If the cat can not get a ball of hair out, it can result in a blockage of the intestines, something that is very serious and can quickly put his life in danger.

Cat Grooming

Long haired cats should be brushed and combed daily, while those with short hair should be maintained once a week. When you brush your cat, you should always watch for lumps in the coat and skin irritation. You have to start brushing the cat’s back from head to tail. Do it several times on one side, then move on to the other. Each area should be brushed several times in the direction of growth of your cat’s hair.

Long haired cat
British Longhair

When brushing your cat, you should always avoid the face and paws. If a cat does not like to be brushed, you can groom it with another tool.

The grooming glove is a great alternative because it does not bother most cats. Start at a young age the kitten the key to the success of grooming, because the cat will be used to it. Some cats who started to groom themselves when they were very little adore it, and many of them often look forward to their grooming time.

Cat Grooming

When brushing, be sure to check your ears, eyes, teeth, and claws. His eyes should be bright and clear, nothing resides in the corners. Its ears must be clean, pink in color and have no sign of mites. Ear mites result from dirt accumulated in the cat’s ears and can cause narrowing ears and loss of hearing in your cat. Ear mites are very annoying for the cat and difficult to eliminate as an owner. The best way to get rid of them is to make sure your cat’s ears are always clean.

Each time, you will always have to go a little further with your exams. When your cat stays still, you will need to congratulate him and give him a treat. If your cat does not cooperate and starts struggling, you will not have to fight with him, but rather let him go and try again.

Once your cat gets used to grooming, he looks forward to it every day.