Homeless Cat Guided Shop Owner To Her Unique Kitten In Cold Weather

cat guided shop owner unique kitten cold weather

LJ, of Totally Rad Toys House in Nashville, TN, saw an adorable homeless cat hanging on the door of her store. With winter fast approaching and temperatures beginning to drop dramatically, she needed to place the cat in a safe foster home as soon as possible. She immediately turned to Jenn, one of Metro Animal Care and Control most dedicated volunteers, for help.

Jenn told Love Meow:

“She tried to find a temporary home for her, but didn’t know the cat had a baby. Last week in Nashville, we experienced record cold temperatures and ice/snow. The store owner was so worried about the pussy that she went to get her.”

Homeless cat guided shop owner with her kitten during cold weather

cat guided shop owner unique kitten cold weather

As LJ watched the stray cat, she started following her. To her surprise, the cat was not alone, she had been protecting a kitten all this time! They lived together in a wooden structure, and she had dug a very deep hole for them to be warmer and safer.

cat guided shop owner unique kitten cold weather

LJ bravely opened the door to the hideout, allowing them both an escape route. For their kindness and generosity, Jenn provided temporary accommodation for Pepper Potts and Jarvis, as the mother-son duo who found themselves in distress were called.

Jenn says:

“Saving these cats really takes an entire village. I’m so glad she took the time and did the work to help them.”

cat guided shop owner unique kitten cold weather

Entering their new foster home for the first time, Pepper and Jarvis were understandably anxious. However, they were quick to appreciate the many comforts of living inside.

The woman said:

“I conquered them with treats and lots of petting, and they are already opening up a lot.”

cat guided shop owner unique kitten cold weather

Not so long ago, Pepper wandered aimlessly through the streets; Yet she landed wholeheartedly in a cozy home with her darling baby, bathed in the glow of her people’s love. The two are smitten with their new family and never get enough affection from them.

Jenn says:

“They greet me at the door and turn around to get their stomachs rubbed.”

cat guided shop owner unique kitten cold weather

Pepper and Jarvis have a simply adorable play routine: they play around the house, fight before falling into each other’s arms. As soon as their energy runs out, they curl up together on the nearest bed for a well-deserved rest – an inseparable duo!

Jenn said:

“The way she and Jarvis have stayed alive outside in sub-zero conditions is just amazing. She is very protective of him and follows him to my foster room, making sure he is safe. safety. He loves snuggling up to her and thinks his cock is the best toy ever.”

cat guided shop owner unique kitten cold weather

As the New Year dawned, Pepper and Jarvis cuddled up in their cozy foster home with plenty of treats to treat themselves to. In a few weeks, they could be on a journey to find a forever family who adores them unconditionally. Ideally, these two would be adopted together.

Images: Instagram / nashfosterkittens

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