This Cat Reaches Guinness Record for Loudest Purr Emitted by a Domestic Feline

cat guinness record loudest purr
Guinness World Records

Bella, a 14-year-old British cat, has been crowned a Guiness record for the loudest purr by a living domestic cat.

The feline managed to record 54.6 decibels during the certification audio test, the equivalent of the sound of a kettle with boiling water. His owner, Nicole Spink, said his purr drowns out even the sound of the television.

Bella’s owner had some doubts before calling Guinness World Records (GWR) representatives because she thought her cat might become self-conscious and not purr during the test.

However, it was enough to give the feline a little affection and place him on his favorite pillow for him to start making the particular sound.

Spink said the cat purred easily with cuddles and food, so before the test she was also given a packet of wet cat food.

In this way, Bella exceeded the minimum expected to break the record: 50 decibels. Nicole adds that her pet’s purring is even heard by her neighbors on certain occasions.

The room where the audio measurement was carried out had to be conditioned by the Word Guiness Record team and a sound engineer to prevent any other noise from altering the result.

Bella received her corresponding certification, in addition to recognition – and affection – from the virtual community and cat lovers.

Check Bella’s Guinness World Record for Loudest Purr here:

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