Cat Hears Needy Kitten Crying And Doesn’t Hesitate To Help Raise Her

cat hears kitten cry in need help raise him

This adorable and sweet cat hears a little kitten in need crying and does not hesitate to help raise him with love.

A small orange kitten was seen alone in front of a desk with no mother in sight. The feline was tiny, appeared malnourished and looked a bit wobbly. With the help of a few caring people, he was transported safely to Alley Cat Rescue, a rescue center in Los Angeles.

The adorable kitty was called Frito, he suffered from a cleft lip and was only half the right size for his age. Despite all this, he had a very good appetite and was happy to receive attention and care.

Alley Cat Rescue, told Love Meow:

We treat him against fleas and parasites, and gradually we increase the feed. He was the sweetest and smallest baby.

A cat hears a crying kitten and does not hesitate to help raise it

Needy kitten is rescued

For the first time in a long time, little Frito had a full stomach and a warm bed. Shelter volunteers took care of him around the clock, the feline quickly began to gain weight and his newfound energy blew away, he became a playful, restless boy.

Before she was ready to meet the other animals at the shelter, the kitten insisted on having her new adoptive mother nearby at all times.

Her adorable meows didn’t go unnoticed, reaching the ears of friendly resident cat Bubblegum. The gray cat has been characterized as a wonderful babysitter for many other foster kittens who have been rescued and taken to the shelter.

As soon as he heard Frito crying from the room, Bubblegum was eager to meet and greet him.

rescued kitten

Upon their introduction, Bubblegum was stunned by the unbridled energy emanating from Frito. Without a doubt, it was love at first sight for the little kitten, but it seems that the notion of limits was not yet clear, since from the first moment he tried to play and jump on Bubblegum like crazy.

Cat cares for kitten in need

Alley Cat Rescue said:

Tiny Frito has a great personality. He is not afraid of dogs, big cats or wide open spaces. He runs after Bubblegum (everywhere he goes).

Adorable kitten on her caregiver's shoulder

Frito loves his humans and usually gives each of them the best kisses on the face when he perches on their shoulders. But what he likes the most is following his best friend Bubblegum like a shadow.

The rescue center staff added:

He’s mastered all the new toys. His wobble doesn’t slow him down, and when he starts you can’t catch him. Find all the spots where Bubblegum is hiding.

beautiful orange kitten

After spending a few weeks in his loving foster home, Frito has finally hit 2 pounds and has many milestones on his way. The little cat is happy with every new experience and loves people.

Cat hears a needy kitten cry

Finally, they said:

He’s mastered all the new toys. His wobble doesn’t slow him down, and when he starts you can’t catch him.

Images: Instagram / alleycatrescue

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