A Cat Helps Take Care Of A “Kitten” That Looks Different From Others

cat helps take care kitten different from others

Recently, the Millstone Wildlife Center in New Hampshire was alerted to a newborn bobcat that had been abandoned by its mother. The 6-week-old kitten turned out to be in excellent condition, but only physically. He was screaming in anguish and sadness because he had been separated from his mother.

After Millstone Wildlife Center staff contacted Spicy Cats, a nearby feline rehabilitation center, they learned that one of their residents, Honeybun, is a kind-hearted foster mother who has raised several litters herself. of kittens.

Honeybun, for her part, had never liked a feral kitten. But her maternal love is insatiable.

A cat helps take care of a “kitten” that looks different from others

cat helps take care kitten different from others

Honeybun sat in her carrier and waited for the new “kitty” to approach her as they officially met. Bobcat, for his part, was over the moon and in love with his new adoptive mother from the first moment.

Caroline, president of Spicy Cats, told The Dodo:

She’s very, very motherly and patient, so we knew she’d be perfect for the bobcat.
Caroline – Spicy Cats

The kitten watched Honeybun as she tried to learn how to groom and eat like a big cat for the next few days. Mama cat is very patient and not afraid to play rough. She enjoys teaching the kitten new things and enjoys her company.

Caroline added:

It totally warms my heart to see them together. As far as we know, this has never been tried before, so it was a bit of a gamble, but I’m glad they’re doing so well
Caroline – Spicy Cats

Since Honeybun is a domestic cat, she cannot teach the feline the skills needed to live in the wild. Therefore, her time with the kitten will only be temporary until a more suitable bobcat can be found at the Millstone Wildlife Center.

cat helps take care kitten different from others

Finally, Caroline says:

“Millstone is planning a successful spring launch! »

Millstone is planning a successful spring outing!”
Caroline – Spicy Cats
cat helps take care kitten different from others

With a bit of luck, the bobcat will once again be able to thrive in the wild. The sad circumstances that led him to need ransom aid are behind him. Everything will have been possible thanks to the big heart of a sweet feline named Honeybun.

Images: Spicy Cats

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