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The cat is abandoned with a note in front of the shelter. But that’s not the only surprise for the volunteers

Employees at Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in Asheville found a carrier with an adult cat inside the facility’s door. This was not too much of a surprise to them, because such behavior by keepers, although illegal and exposing the animal to a number of dangers, unfortunately happens very often. The only surprise for them was a letter that the previous owner had pinned to the fabric cover. After reading the news, their eyes filled with tears.

Someone left a cat outside the shelter. The note explained the reasons why the animal had been abandoned

Caring for a dog or cat is often a long-term commitment, and the decision to adopt, at least in theory, should be preceded by a thorough check of all the pros and cons of making the change. current life. The decision to welcome a living being into your home or to multiply those existing in your care should not be motivated by the happiness of the youngest members of the family or the result of a momentary whim. Animals suffer from this and often end up in overcrowded shelters in the near future.

However, let’s not forget that life is not black and white, and that in some stories there are shades of gray. There are times in life when, despite our love for animals, some of us must make a difficult choice. This was the case of a 6-year-old cat named Priscilla, who was found in December 2023 in front of the headquarters of an animal rescue organization in North Carolina.

The volunteers immediately took the carrier and the cat to the building and inside, in addition to the frightened animal, they found a handwritten letter. In a few sentences, the cat’s former owner tried to explain the reasons why she was forced to part with her cat.

cat is abandoned with a note in front of the shelter
@Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

Cowardice or instinct of the heart? The woman gave the cat because she had no other choice

Representatives from the organization gathered around the carrier and then read aloud a note from Priscilla’s former caregiver. They couldn’t imagine how painful it must have been to write such a letter and then be separated from their beloved four-legged friend.

“My mother can no longer take care of me. Please welcome me, I promise I will be a good cat” – wrote an anonymous woman.

cat is abandoned with a note in front of the shelter
@Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

Even though the animal was visibly shocked by the situation in which it found itself, its state of health was perfect. The cat had all his vaccinations up to date, was well-groomed, combed and gentle towards those around him. There is no doubt that in his former home they tried to provide him with loving care and as happy a life as possible.

“Every week people bring animals to us from unsafe conditions. These are people who have lost their homes and their jobs, who live in cars or on the streets. People who can no longer buy food for themselves and their four-legged friends. Others are faced with a stay in hospital or a retirement home from which they do not know if they will emerge. Everyone wants a better life for the animals they’ve lived with so far,” Brother Wolf Animal Rescue employees say.

cat is abandoned with a note in front of the shelter
@Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

A few weeks later, the volunteers realize that this is not the end of the surprises. Instead of one new pet, the number of cats on board increased by four.

The cat quickly became a mother

It turned out that Priscilla was pregnant, which partly explained, but did not excuse, why her family decided to hand the cat over to the shelter’s cat care staff. The birth did not go without complications, as one of the cats got stuck in the mother’s birth canal. Fortunately, the correctly performed operation saved the baby.

Once she arrived at the shelter, Priscilla immediately understood the rules of the facility and acclimated to the new environment. The cat and her offspring – Snap, Crackle and Pop – were then placed in a foster family where they are doing well. If possible, the cat and cats will soon be put up for adoption.

cat is abandoned with a note in front of the shelter
@Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

“We hope he sees this message and knows he is in the best care possible. Please spay and neuter your animals – animal rescuers appealed in a post on Facebook” – representatives of the Brother Wolf Animal Rescue organization commented on the situation.

cat is abandoned with a note in front of the shelter
@Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

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