This Cat Is So Obsessed With His Frog Toy That His Family Decides To Buy Him Everything

Cat is so obsessed with his frog toy that his family decides to buy them all

This adorable cat is so obsessed with his frog toy that even his family decided to buy him lots more for their collection.

These two adorable cats named Mochi and Choco were rescued some time ago by their current family. The felines had been left to their fate in a parking lot when they were little, but now they are an adorable couple pampered by everyone at home.

Just a few months into her new home, a family friend gave Choco a cute stuffed frog, but the feline didn’t seem interested in the toy. For her part, Mochi has claimed the toy as hers ever since she saw it and it quickly became her favorite thing.

Over time, Mochi was shown to be completely obsessed with her frog, playing ball, throwing her, hugging her, and even taking her back to her parents in the middle of the night to continue playing.

The cat is obsessed with his frog toy

Cat and stuffed frogs

Her love for the frog was so great that her parents decided to buy her many more, just to see her happy.

On their website, the family wrote:

A friend of ours bought Mochi’s first frog while we were traveling out of town. It was originally a gift for Choco, but Mochi claimed it for herself. We had no idea of ​​what it would become.

Adorable Cat and her frog toy

His family isn’t sure how or why the feline’s obsession with stuffed frogs began, but over the years it has only increased. Mochi is totally devoted to her frogs, and of course her family is supportive and think it’s great to see her having fun.

Cat and her stuffed animals

And although Choco has never had an interest in frogs, he lets his sister indulge her obsession with no problem, after all, he has his own obsessions too.

The family added:

The fascination with frogs is something unique to Mochi. Choco has never been interested in them, but he’s also quite particular. For example, play fetch any red ball.

Cat sleeps with her toy frogs

Whatever the reason for his fascination with stuffed frogs, the truth is that Mochi will continue to rule his frog kingdom as a great monarch, and his family will surely continue to enjoy his antics.

Images: Instagram / mochikittyfrog


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