The cat just wanted to escape the cold; fear was holding him back. The best was yet to come

cat just wanted to escape the cold

A cat owner caught her pets obsessively staring out the window. It turns out they had a good reason for that. There was an animal sitting outside demanding attention. When the woman opened the door to invite them in, they immediately fled. Despite the frost, he did not dare enter the heated room. The cat lover decided to do everything to give the wild cat a chance for a better life. She didn’t think it would be so difficult and so satisfying at the same time.

His cats were looking at the window. They had something to admire

One evening, Céline noticed that her cats were gathered under the kitchen window, staring at something with fascination. After a few moments, she realized what her animals were so interested in. A gray cat sat outside and looked at the family animals with the same intensity.

The woman decided to let the unexpected guest in. The night was going to be extremely cold. Unfortunately, as soon as she approached the door, the gray quadruped began to run away. Céline decided that she would at least leave him something to eat outside. She thus hoped to gain the wild cat’s trust.

cat just wanted to escape the cold

She had to find a trick to protect the cat from freezing and hunger

Céline’s plan partially succeeds. A homeless kitten was tempted by the meal she offered him. The woman knew that the animal would definitely not willingly enter the apartment, even if she tempted it with the most delicious snacks in the world. People’s fear was too great.

Céline began to worry even more about the forecast frosts. She knew she had to hurry if she wanted to save the gray cat from great suffering. That’s why she borrowed a live trap from the Chatons Orphelins Montréal shelter for homeless animals. The next evening, she put delicious pieces in it and put it near the window. She didn’t have to wait long to see the effects of her actions. Just two hours after setting the trap, the gray cat was foiled.

cat just wanted to escape the cold

A wild cat slowly learns to trust people

Celine transferred the fluffy “prisoner” from the live trap to the transporter. She tried to do it gently and calmly. Despite this, the wild cat was so scared that he was unable to eat even his favorite treat, pâté. The woman gave it to a local organization that helps homeless animals.

The gray cat was called Loustik. After a check at the veterinary clinic, it turned out to be a strong and healthy young cat, about eight months old. He was castrated then placed in the care of a volunteer who took care of his socialization.

Loustika, a new caregiver, knew she had to be very patient and understanding. At first, the cat did everything he could to keep his distance from his new owner.

“When the creamy snack went into his nose, he waited until the volunteer left the room to eat it,” Céline explained.

cat just wanted to escape the cold

Over time, the kitten became calmer and calmer. He still jumps at louder sounds and sudden movements, but it looks like he’ll eventually learn that people aren’t so bad after all. At least not everyone.

cat just wanted to escape the cold
cat just wanted to escape the cold

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