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The cat’s life was worth nothing to them. Instead of saving him, they chose to abandon him

Otitis is an adorable white cat who has experienced a lot of suffering during his short life. The illness affected his appearance in an unusual way, making it difficult for him to find a loving home. People visiting the shelter avoided it, but despite the flaw, one woman was happy with it. This is how their story together began and it continues today!

The appearance of the cat has changed significantly due to the disease

Due to the disease, the appearance of cat otitis has changed significantly. Even though he was still a soft, fluffy ball, no one decided to adopt him. People who visited the shelter with the intention of adopting a cat largely avoided the mutilated cat. The volunteers slowly began to lose hope that someone would offer him a loving home, but his fate changed unexpectedly.

Otite lived to an old age in the shelter. Additionally, its appearance was very different from that of a typical cat. However, one day, luck smiled on him because a young woman decided to adopt him. Molly Lichtenwalner was looking for a pet that she could give special affection to. On the other hand, she hoped that by adopting a cat, she could deal with the serious nervous disorders she was suffering from. When she saw Otitis, she immediately knew he was the one she would take home.

The woman decided to adopt, regardless of the specific appearance of the cat

The young student grew up on a farm with lots of cats. From a very young age, little cats held a special place in her heart. That’s why she decided to offer a loving home to one of the shelter’s residents.

“After the accident, I suffered from severe anxiety… I decided it was time to adopt an animal. I hoped it would help me deal with my problems, because nothing relieved me more than cuddling a furry animal, Molly said. – I told myself that when I was ready, I would adopt an adult cat with special needs.”

The opportunity to do so soon presented itself. Thanks to a popular app, the woman saw photos of a cat and immediately fell in love with it. It was Otitis, who immediately attracted his attention with his characteristic appearance. Despite the defect, the student decided to adopt!

The cat has become an Internet star. All because of its unusual appearance

After Molly inquired about the ear infection, the shelter staff explained to her that he had lost his ears due to a huge cyst that needed to be removed. The previous owners couldn’t afford treatment, so they decided to abandon the cat. Since the operation, the cat has spent a lot of time at the shelter. Over time, he also lost his hearing, but neither that nor his specific appearance deterred Molly.

Just a day after arriving at his new owner’s home, Otitis slowly began to open up to her. From a shy purr, he has become a real pet who constantly demands attention. Its new owner happily responded to this need. Today, Otitis is not only her beloved friend, but also an Internet star. Who knew a cat without ears would make so much noise? He has his own account on Instagram, where he is followed by nearly 60,000 people!

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