They Lock A Cat On A Windowsill For Two Days As Punishment

cat locked up window sill jumps

It was a group of neighbors who denounced the affair on social media Instagram, where they witnessed a feline jump from a window on the third floor.

“Woodie” is this cat who appears jumping from the third floor of a house, apparently out of desperation since he was punished for wetting the bed.

cat locked up window sill jumps

This event occurred in the city of Orly, France, where neighbors reported to authorities that the poor kitty was on a window sill with no possibility of entering his home.

His owners punished him by leaving him on the windowsill for two days because he had wet his bed and he had to learn his lesson.

The cat was trying to move, but the space was very tight and he had no choice but to jump from the top.

These are rescuers from the Action Protection Animale association who came to the aid of the animal.

Neighbors claimed the cat was locked up for more than 48 hours, that they had previously called the police and fire department but were too busy to get to the cat’s rescue.

Images shared on Instagram show the cat throwing himself down until he suddenly fell to the ground where he was surrounded by neighbors.

Be careful, the video may offend the sensitivity of some:

At that moment appeared the owner who said without any shame that he had only punished him for two days for wetting his bed and hoped the cat had learned his lesson.

A member of Action Protection Animale took the floor and assured that it is impossible to leave him in their hands “and they decided to take care of” Woodie “until his wounds could heal and that it can be adopted by a caring person.

In view of this fact, the police will file a complaint against the owner for animal abuse.

Now Woodie is safe and waiting for a new owner who really knows how to love him.

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