Cuddly-Looking Cat Is Happy To Have The Perfect Place To Live The Best Life

cat looks happy teddy have perfect place live better life

This sweet, plush-looking cat is happy to finally have a place to live the best life possible.

Houston is a 5-year-old cat who was in the care of Tabby’s Place Cat Sanctuary in Ringoes, New Jersey. There he received love and help from many kind-hearted people. Upon arrival, the feline seemed a bit emaciated and needed a lot of love and care.

As soon as he arrived at the shelter, he was a kind-hearted little boy, eager for affection and curious about everything around him. Besides being just skin and bones and matted when he arrived, Houston had to deal with a lot of medical challenges.

Angela Hartley, Director of Development at Tabby’s Place, told Love Meow:

He wasn’t very spiritual. It was completely unbelievable.

This cat is happy to have the perfect place to live the best life

beautiful rescued cat

Houston suffered from severe hydrocephalus and could not fully open her eyes due to swelling. Despite all this, the Siamese kitten was affectionate towards people and seemed very grateful for their help.

Angela says:

He started making playful little ‘muffins’ with his paws while our team gently untangled his badly tangled fur.

Cat that looks like a stuffed animal is happy

The rescue center consulted a veterinary neurologist to ensure the cat received the best care for her condition. With treatment and care, the reduced pressure around her brain began to improve and she even recovered successfully.

When Houston was able to fully reveal her beautiful sky blue eyes and meow her head off, the volunteers and everyone around her were truly happy and overjoyed with her accomplishments.

cat that looks like a stuffed animal

Houston now has her own custom cat room, padded with blankets to protect her head and allow her to play and move around safely.

Angela says:

We are specifically dedicated to these cats in the most desperate of circumstances. As usual, Houston has already given us more than we could give.

rescued siamese kitten

Houston jumps at every opportunity he has to kiss his humans and insists on giving them their daily dose of kisses, he’s such a loving and grateful little guy.

The sanctuary volunteer ensures:

He’s one of the funniest little wonders we’ve ever seen. He seems to approach starry-eyed every day, in love with life itself and everyone he meets. He loves to be cuddled and even bathed.

siamese kitten

The round-faced cat has found in his caregivers a safe haven where he receives the best care to ensure a happy, comfortable life and above all, a life full of love and attention.

Angela added:

This sweet little boy refuses to let his disability stop him from living his life to the fullest. As soon as he sees you, he straightens up and craves attention. Houston loves kneading and kneading all of his blankets, beds, and human arms. All he wants is to love and be loved.

cat that looks like a teddy bear

For 18 years, Tabby’s Place has been a sanctuary for cats that unfortunately no one else wants. And now, with its Quinn’s Corner program, it will be the first specialized shelter to help the most vulnerable cats, those with feline leukemia virus (FeLV).

Angèle finally said:

The same cats whose lives were short of sunshine will now bask in the bliss of a world made just for them.

Images: Tabby’s Place: a Cat Sanctuary


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