The Cat That Looks Like Zorro Has A Kitty That Looks Exactly Like Him

cat looks like Zorro has kitty looks like him

Boy is a charming cat with a peculiar appearance that earned him the nickname Zorro, due to his thousands of social media followers. Recently, Boy has been doing some shenanigans that have undoubtedly driven people crazy for cuteness on the internet.

It turns out the feline is now a proud family man, and to the delight of his fans, one of his little babies inherited his unusual appearance, which no doubt made Boy very proud.

The little cat, who is undoubtedly an exact replica of his father, was aptly named Bandit and is now causing a stir on social media.

The cat that looks like Zorro and has a kitten that looks like him

cat that looks like Zorro

The boy’s adoptive father, Indraini Noor, who lives in Indonesia, is proud of his cats. Indraini likes to share constant updates on the cat, which attracts attention with its characteristic black fur around its eyes, which gives it the appearance of wearing a mask, which has given it fame on social media, where he is often compared to Zorro, the mythical superhero.

Indraini told La Voz:

“Boy and Key, the kitten’s mom, gave birth to their kittens on June 9. Amazingly, Bandit was born with the same ‘face mask’ as his dad.”

The resemblance between Boy and the little Bandit is truly uncanny. Indraini feels lucky and very proud to have his pets, these two unique looking cats have filled his home and life with new experiences and lots of love.

Cat and her baby

Now, the feline version of the Californian vigilante, better known as Z,orro, continues his predecessor’s legacy in the most curious and fun way thanks to social media.

Images: Instagram / iwhy_75

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