This Cat Loves To Kayak And Ski On His Daddy’s Shoulders

cat love to row ski shoulders dad

Cats usually carry out different activities or acts that surprise us, but definitely, a cat that loves to row and ski next to his human father, demonstrates the true adventurous spirit of felines.

Gary is a domestic cat that lives in the city of Canmore, Alberta (Canada), which is already recognized by many people for being extremely adventurous. Gary can usually be seen wearing ski goggles and a small jacket, as he skis with his father on the slopes of the mountains.

He has also hiked on different frozen lakes, but what he likes the most is rowing and falling asleep on the bow of the boat.

Cat loves to paddle and ski

cat love to row ski shoulders dad

All of his adventures have been captured by his father, James Eastham, in pictures and videos. The man decided to share them and now his cat is a star on Instagram.

People who have seen him are impressed with Gary’s attitude and quickly become fans of his funny adventures.

cat love to row ski shoulders dad

But the life of this beautiful 6-year-old feline was not always perfect, as his current family adopted him from the Calgary Humane Society. He has been enjoying his life in his new home for five and a half years, and since he arrived, he showed that he wanted to be a free cat.

cat love to row ski shoulders dad

James said in an interview for The Homestretch:

Gary tried to escape from our apartment, so we decided that if he wanted out, he would have to do it on a leash.

cat love to row ski shoulders dad

His desire for freedom and his thirst for adventure led his family to make the decision to train him to walk with a harness. Little by little he felt safe walking with the harness, and they began to make longer excursions around his neighborhood.

cat love to row ski shoulders dad

Soon the little hikes turned into day expeditions, and they started taking him kayaking, and even taking him skiing. Since then, Gary is the special guest for all kinds of adventures, and his father is in charge of documenting the process of the extreme feline.

cat love to row ski shoulders dad

When they go skiing, Gary loves to perch on James’s neck, as if he were a scarf, and so he walks through the mountains. But he assures that doing this process is something informal and dangerous, so they prefer to do it by easy roads.

cat love to row ski shoulders dad

Also, Gary doesn’t like them going too fast, as the wind dirties his fur and hits him hard on his sweet face.

Although Gary is a lover of all adventures, there is one activity that he prefers above all others: kayaking.

cat love to row ski shoulders dad

James commented:

Gary’s favorite activity is rowing. He just sits in the front of my boat; he basks in the sun and the waves gently rock him to sleep.

Gary already has more than 407,000 followers on Instagram, demonstrating his popularity on social networks, although this does not mean that he is always recognized.

cat love to row ski shoulders dad

Sometimes the cat travels with his father in a backpack, so that people around him do not recognize him, and he goes unnoticed. But once he’s got his protective gear ready and sits on James’s neck, people start to say; “Oh, he’s the cat!”

James added:

I think it’s a bit unusual … You don’t see many cats doing this kind of thing.

In addition, Gary is a cute cat, which helps to further captivate the attention of people who see him in the mountains.

cat love to row ski shoulders dad

Although such activities can be dangerous, Gary always has the necessary items to protect himself from the sun, cold or accidents. James warns people who wish to turn their cats into adventurous felines to be careful, as it is all a process.

cat love to row ski shoulders dad

He commented:

Gary is a pretty easygoing cat and we’ve been working on this for a long period of time, so he feels comfortable.

Cats usually do what they want, so it’s best to let them decide what they really want to do.

cat love to row ski shoulders dad

Gary will continue to enjoy his extreme adventures with his human father, and he will continue to share his fun excursions on social media.

Images: Instagram/ greatgramsofgary

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