The cat loves spending time in the bathroom, he has a purpose. You’ll never guess what he’s doing there

cat loves spending time in the bathroom
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Every cat owner is well aware that their cat probably has unusual habits. The purring of animals can sometimes be very surprising. A netizen shared online what she caught her pet doing. Since then, he has understood why he likes to spend time in the toilet.

The cat spent a surprising amount of time in the bathroom

One of the Reddit users shared her story and that of her chat with Internet users. She already stated in the introduction that she was clearly surprised that the animal spent so much time in the bathroom. At first, she didn’t realize what motivated him, but one day, when she caught him in the act, everything became clear.

For some time now, the woman has noticed that every time the bathroom door is opened, her pet eagerly spends time in that room. But she wondered why he liked doing this so much. When she finally crept up behind him, she realized what her cat had learned.

This is why your cat wants to go to the toilet so much

The cat owner immediately grabbed the phone when she realized what her pet was doing. Well, it turns out that the little cat jumps on the toilet flush and presses a button that allows him to flush the toilet. Fascinated by this spectacle, the animal does it very often, which of course affects the amount of fees for the water used.

She shared a video online, which clearly shows how the clever cat plays with water. The cat is visibly fascinated by the phenomenon of toilet flushing. Interestingly, she has already mastered pressing the button perfectly. His tutor, however, set the goal of teaching him this practice.

She likes watching the swirly toilet water, not even hiding the flusher can stop her
byu/Jordens21 inaww

Nothing can stop a cat

The video shared by the woman shows that to stop the cat from flushing the toilet, she decided to put a book on the toilet. However, his ruse was of no use. A smart cat deftly knocks over an obstacle with its paw and does what brings it a lot of pleasure.

Interestingly, one of the netizen commenters shared his story. Well, her pet also shared the cat’s interest in the video. However, when he did it for the first time in the middle of the night, his guardian definitely wasn’t laughing, especially since she was well aware that there was no one else in the house except She.

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