This Cat Befriends Every Delivery Man He Meets

cat makes friend delivery guys arrive home

One thing a lot of people seem to agree on, especially cat parents, is that feline affection is something you have to earn over time. Of course, for this cat named Tuna, this universal rule does not apply in all cases, since she shows affection even to people she does not know, especially to the delivery men who frequent her home.

Tuna even has her own Instagram account, where her family proudly displays her sassy personality. The friendly feline’s account has over 2,000 followers who no doubt enjoys the antics and pictures of the new feline “influencer” complete with hilarious descriptions.

Tuna’s adoptive father told Bored Panda:

“We originally cared for her for a friend when she was a kitten and they never got her back. He is about 6 years old. When the pandemic started, we were working from home a lot more and doing a lot of deliveries, so her sleeping schedule changed and she was waiting outside for people to make deliveries! We always watch her with the camera and never let her out when we’re not home. Loved it folks!”

Adorable cat befriends delivery guys coming home

cat makes friend delivery guys arrive home

The feline’s name was initially Luna, but gradually it became Looney Tunes, then Looney Tunes, from there it changed to Tunes, until it eventually came to be affectionately called Tuna. Of course, the kitten responds to her name when her family calls to spend time with them.

cat makes friend delivery guys arrive home

Before her family started letting her go exploring, her life’s mission was to destroy everything in the house, Tuna’s father explained.

The man says:

“Now that we’re watching her out of her time, it seems she doesn’t really have those tendencies and spends the rest of the day napping or resting near us. She wakes us meowing around 5 or 6 a.m. every day, but ends up giving up and hugging us until we’re up.”

cat makes friend delivery guys arrive home

On her Instagram profile, Tuna seems to be a very adventurous cat in general. He also gets along well with other animals and not just with humans. According to her father, Tuna has always been very social and never afraid of dogs or people.

cat makes friend delivery guys arrive home

The cat’s father adds:

“Tuna grew up with two dogs, Baxter and Bella. Baxter died earlier this year and was Tuna’s closest sibling, they even drank water together from the same bowl. He also lives with a bearded dragon, Colonel Mustard.”

cat makes friend delivery guys arrive home

Tuna’s dad says she’s really shown the dogs who’s boss at home since she was just a kitten, so Bella respects her and is still a little scared of herself even though Tuna wants to just hang out and hug.

You can follow Tuna’s adventures on Instagram.

Images: Instagram / thirstytuna

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