Cat Befriends A Kitten He Found In The Garden And Decides To Take Him Home


A friendly cat befriends a small feline that used to hang out around his garden and takes it under his care

A woman named Klarieke lives in a large country house with her family in the Netherlands, where they enjoy the company of her pets on a daily basis. A year ago, while living in Greece, they decided to adopt three adult cats; Jack, Louis and Stavros, who have accompanied them everywhere ever since.

At that time, the family thought that having the three cats was enough, but everything changed when a little kitten began to visit his garden.

Klarieke told Love Meow:

Stavros lived on the streets and was very ill. He was rescued by a Dutch girl who stays in Zakynthos every summer. She was looking for a home (for the cat) in Holland, so we decided to adopt her. My husband and I said to each other; ‘This is the last cat, three is enough.

Cat befriends a homeless kitten

cat makes friend kitten found garden takes home

The kitten used to frequent the garden of the house; Although he was very shy and it was noticeable that he was malnourished, apparently he was disoriented. However, the woman was not sure if the boy had a home, as she had never seen him prowling around before.

cat makes friend kitten found garden takes home

What surprised Klarieke the most is that when she saw the kitten again, she was accompanied by her cat Stavros hers, as if they were good friends of hers. Everything seemed to indicate that the friendly orange cat had taken the little feline under his protection and was watching him while he played in the garden.

cat makes friend kitten found garden takes home

Generally, the kitten used to enter the garden and hide among the tomato plants to finally reach the shed and say hello to his friend. There, they both played, caressed, snuggled and even took a nap, even though the kitten was shy, he loved his new friend.

Apparently the little feline felt safe next to Stavros, and it didn’t take long for his family to realize the incredible friendship that had blossomed.

cat makes friend kitten found garden takes home

One day, while it was time for dinner, the woman was surprised to see the homeless kitten eating from her best friend’s plate. Stavros didn’t seem to mind and, on the contrary, he let his friend eat to satisfy his appetite, and he seemed happy that he could.

The orange cat seemed to understand what it is like to be hungry when he lives on the streets, after all, he had been through this experience.

cat makes friend kitten found garden takes home

Klarieke added:

I gave the kitten his own food bowl in the shed, but he ran away when he saw me. Apparently he was so hungry that he risked going in to eat.

From that moment, the woman decided to prepare an extra plate of food for the kitten, with which she hoped to gain her trust little by little. The little boy returned daily for his food and soon she began to trust his food provider and even allowed herself to be filled with affection.

cat makes friend kitten found garden takes home

During all this time, no one claimed the little feline and every day he felt more comfortable with the attentions of the family and Klarieke. They decided to call him Charlie, although the little boy was still very shy around humans, but he wanted to imitate everything Stavros did.

Klarieke commented:

Stavros acted like a father to him, and the kitten started spending more time with him in the shed during the day.

cat makes friend kitten found garden takes home

Little Charlie began to consider the idea of ​​moving to his new home, and a few weeks later decided to enter next to his friend. Stavros seemed to cheer him on as they walked through the house and Charlie did not leave his side, following all the instructions he gave her.

Klarieke said:

We can officially say that Charlie has moved in with us and we have a fourth cat. He comes to the kitchen when it is time for dinner and allows us to pet him and even hug him.

cat makes friend kitten found garden takes home

The kitten did not know how to use the litter box and other feline activities, but his friend took it upon himself to teach him what he needed to adapt. Charlie was taken to the vet for a general medical check-up, where they made sure the kitten was in good health.

The kitty still loves spending a lot of time with his best friend in the shed, but he slowly begins to show his true personality.

cat makes friend kitten found garden takes home

Best of all, he now enjoys his new life and thanks to Stavros he will never have to return to the streets.

If you want to know a little more about this adorable family, you can visit his account on his Instagram.