This Man And His Cat Have Been Inseparable For 23 Years

cat man inseparable for 23 years

This man and his cat have been inseparable for 23 years and still continue to enjoy their beautiful friendship.

Lily recently celebrated her 23rd birthday, which is about 108 years in the life of a cat. She has spent her entire life with her best friend, Reece, who has cared for her since he was just 11 years old. And now, 23 years later, this couple of great friends are still inseparable.

Lily has been there for the most important times of Reece’s life, from his teenage years to his first heartbreak, and now, as adults, there’s never a time when Lily is separated from her favorite human.

Reece wrote on his Instagram account:

We have been together for almost 23 years. Our bond is undeniable and very special and strong. We saw each other grow and we went through a lot. Our love is very clear in this special moment that I filmed.

The man and his cat have been inseparable for 23 years

cat turns 23

This sweet story began in 1999, and as the adorable cat got older, Reece noticed that she had become more and more dependent on him. She demands his attention at every turn, and if for a moment that’s not possible, Reece is sure to earn a disapproving look from Lily.

A few years ago, the cat suffered a stroke, which affected his motor skills. At the time, Reece was sure there wasn’t much time left for Lily, but surprisingly, the cat defied all odds and has been strong in standing by her life companion all this time.

old cat

Perhaps the great bond these two friends formed gave Lily the strength to keep fighting. Over the years, Lily has demanded special care, but for Reece, taking care of his cat has been more than satisfying, as Lily has shown him the true meaning of friendship.

Man and cat are inseparable

For her part, Lily is affectionate and full of life. This duo is therefore solely focused on enjoying every moment they spend together, as if it were their last.

You can enjoy Lily and Reece’s adventures on their Instagram account.

Images: Instagram / queen_lily_99

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