Cat miraculously recovers after being ‘dead’ for 26 minutes

Cat miraculously recovers dead 26 minutes

A moment of inattention was enough to put the cat in mortal danger. It started with fainting and ended with cardiac arrest. For half an hour, the vets saved Bella the cat, and although they estimated the chance of success at less than five percent, it was enough for them to perform at their best. After 26 minutes with no sign of life, the cat returned to the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. She was almost sent to the other world by an inconspicuous houseplant.

The cat had a heart attack at the clinic. The vets resuscitated her for half an hour

Bella, 11 months, passed out at home. She was immediately taken to the vet. However, that was just the start of the cat’s troubles, who suffered a heart attack while lying in the clinic. The vets tried to restore his circulation. Staff at the Willows Veterinary Center and Referral Service have not given up. He practiced resuscitation relentlessly for half an hour.

Cat miraculously recovers dead 26 minutes
Facebook / Willows Veterinary Centre and Referral Service

Bella was dead for 26 minutes. It’s all because of lilies poisonous to cats

What really contributed to the rapid deterioration of the cat’s condition? Turns out it was a low-key bouquet of flowers. Although cat lovers trumpet it left and right, not everyone knows that lilies are a health threat to cats. All they have to do is eat a little pollen or drink the water in which the flowers have stood up and the purrs are life threatening. This is why it is so important to avoid plants that can harm animals.

“We were absolutely terrified,” said Dee Flora, Bella’s owner. “We just lost a relative and we weren’t ready to lose Bella as well. We were determined to do everything in our power to get her well and to come home.

After half an hour of resuscitation, the cat’s heart beats again. Unfortunately, the accident blinded

When, after half an hour of fierce fighting, Bella’s heart started beating on its own, the clinic staff was overjoyed. They managed to save another life, although most doctors wrote off the cat.

“Prolonged survival from CPR and discharge from hospital are very rare, with only one in twenty cases. Just like a person after such a difficult event, Bella had to relearn how to eat or walk – explains the veterinarian.

Cat miraculously recovers dead 26 minutes
Facebook / Willows Veterinary Centre and Referral Service

“He is still recovering, but he can run, jump and eat. Physiotherapy was crucial to Bella’s progress to ensure she had no muscle spasms and also to get her walking again.

Unfortunately, the cat has not fully recovered. Due to health problems, her eyesight suffered. The cat is now practically blind. Although she is not fully recovered, this does not prevent her from being in recovery. After only two weeks after lily poisoning, she was able to relearn how to walk and eat effectively. Clinic staff are confident that with a team of qualified doctors, Bella will be able to restore most of her pre-accident abilities.

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