The Cat Is Obsessed With Her Husband, She Tries To Seduce Him With A Fake Beard

Cat prefers husband wife fake beard

Anyone who has a cat in the house knows how wonderful and beautiful he is, but also how special his character is. Basically, the point is that if you have a cat in your house, it will become the undisputed master, and everything that comes in, is moved or even just looked at must first go through the careful control of our four-legged friend.

We would all like to be the pet of the house kitty. Yet in every environment, honor always goes to one. A while ago we gave you some tips to at least earn points with your cat, but if all else fails… use your imagination. For example, have you ever thought about using a fake beard to attract the cat out of the house? Lindsey knows something about such a tactic!

The cat prefers her husband, she has no place!

Roswell snuggled up to Drew

Linsdey and Drew are a happy family, and madly loving their cat Roswell. But there is a tiny problem: Roswell prefers the husband to the wife.

cat attracted by beard

Linsdey doesn’t get discouraged and comes up with an awesome way to try and grab the cat’s affection a little.

The video posted to social media shows how sweet and cuddly he is with Drew, how he searches for him, and snuggles calmly and serenely on his chest, crouching next to the man’s thick beard. Completely different story with Linsdey, rejecting her as soon as she tries to stroke him.

So, armed with good intentions, she sets out to find what she needs to implement her plan.

She buys a fake beard as close to her husband as possible. Back home, she wears it. At first it seemed to work. Roswell is nicer, walks up to her and snuggles like his human father.

But then the woman raises the bar, also wearing Drew’s clothes, and here the unthinkable happens. As soon as the cat realizes the deception, it runs towards its favorite human, ignoring the woman again.

The video is really funny, and although the cat ignores the woman, you can see the love that is in this house and there is certainly no shortage of laughs. A wonderful family who, thanks to the feline, will never be bored.

And you? What crazy things have you done to please your cat?

Images: Instagram / catnamedroswell

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