Shelter Cat Put In ‘Solitary’ For Helping Others To Escape


Revolutionary and bold, rule breaker, or smart cat? A 6-year-old rescue cat was placed in isolation in an animal shelter because he kept helping other cats escape.

Quilty shelter cat solitary
Facebook free_quilty

Quilty, the cat has been living at the Friends for Life pet shelter in Houston, Texas for several months, but he has not completely abandoned his old habit of opening doors.

Quilty shelter cat solitary
Facebook free_quilty

Ever since Quilty moved in, the door to the shelter’s cat room has mysteriously opened, allowing cats to escape and walk around other parts of the building, CNP chief executive Jennifer Hopkins told CNN. communications at Friends for Life.

Surveillance camera footage revealed that it was actually Quilty. To launch his breakaways, he jumped and lowered the doorknob to open it to all his friends.

Finally, the employees decided to place Quilty in “solitary confinement” during the night.

The shelter has published photos of Quilty’s incarceration on Facebook, and the cat has captured the hearts of the world.

The post said Quilty opened doors when he lived with a family, so it’s probably an old habit for him.

“Quilty can be a bit difficult,” Jennifer Hopkins told CNN, although now people are scrambling to adopt it. Facebook post says

According to the Friends for Life website, Quilty is now on trial with a potential new owner.

Quilty shelter cat solitary
Facebook free_quilty

“He’s fine, he has not tried to hide at all and likes to stay in bed or on the couch, snuggled against one of us,” said the potential adopter. “He sleeps under my blanket with me like a dog.He does not really like the 2 dogs but they leave him alone, so there’s no real problem, he just does not want to have anything to do with them. ‘hope with a little time, he’ll get used to it, he has not yet been gentle, he’s the most loving and affectionate cat I’ve ever met!’

Quilty, finally settles. #free_quilty

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