A Cat Keeps Opening The Door And Letting The Other Cats Escape From The Shelter

Quilty cat lets escape cats shelter

Quilty is a very intelligent six-year-old cat with a fairly prominent personality, who came to prominence through his exploits in a shelter, escaping and opening doors to let other cats escape into the hall.

He first came to Friends For Life, a shelter in Houston, Texas, in 2012 after his family left him due to a move.

Quilty has been located along with four other felines, unaware that he has zero tolerance for closed doors.

The cat opens the door to let other cats escape


Jennifer Hopkins, communications manager for Friends For Life, told Love Meow:

We arrived one morning to find that the door to our front chat room was open. Of course, all the cats that had been inside that room were now hanging out in the hall of the shelter.

Quilty the cat that opens the door of the shelter

The cats did not intend to be locked up again. One of them had urinated on the receptionist’s mouse pad and another had used the donation box as a litter box.

Cat near the door

Using security cameras in the lobby and rooms, staff were able to show exactly how the feline escape unfolded.

Cat and door

In the footage, the kittens can be seen exploring outside the room and the exact moment Quilty allows them to escape.

Quilty shelter cat solitary

Jennifer said:

When we checked the cameras inside the room, we saw that Quilty was the culprit and, in fact, had opened the door.

Cat is surprised to see human

The shelter used lever handles on the doors and nothing like it ever happened, but now they have had to find other methods to keep the doors closed.

At first they used a broom and a rope, but this was not to the liking of the visitors, so they decided to take out child insurance.

Cat on sofa

Even so, Quilty still likes to lie by the door to take advantage of any distraction from the volunteers and escape, managing to sneak in at least 5 times a day.

No one knows exactly why this feline likes to go out and let others escape, but it might be because he likes to clear the room to have some space for himself.

Quilty sleeps with his blanket

Jennifer said:

Opening doors is not a new skill: he let his dog brother come out of his old house …

Cat rests

The organization decided to find a family for Quilty, specifying that he is a very friendly kitten with everyone, including dogs, but that he does not tolerate having the doors closed, because when he sees them one, he feels challenged and works tirelessly to open it.

The Finding a Family post was made via Facebook, garnered over 26,000 responses and was shared 19,000 times. In addition, an Instagram account has been created for him which already has more than 45,000 subscribers.

Cat looks for a way to open the door

The cat received a large number of adoption requests after her story went viral.

We hope you can find the perfect family for him.

Images: Friends For Life Animal Shelter 

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